Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Me Diga


I had no idea I knew so much about booze...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Fate!

ManDanie and I are coming up on our two-week mark for leaving to Costa Rica. It's coming so quickly!

So after we bought our tickets, we kinda shelved it. Like, the big thing was taken care of, and we both were so busy that we hadn't thought through many of the other details.

Well we (and by "we" I mean "she") found some motivation, and, with a little help from our Mamacita Basmita, booked our accommodations.

We're going to a very quaint village called Cahuita. It sits right on the ocean on the edge of a large forest reserve/national park. We chose this place because it's off the beaten path, offers snorkeling in the only coral reef in Costa Rica, and horseback riding through the rain forest canopies.

This is where the fate part comes in - we will be staying at Spencer Seaside Lodgings.

See? If that's not fate...

Here are a couple of pics I snagged from a backpacker's blog. He was there pretty recently, and his recommendation is what I think made ManDanie choose this place in particular.

Apparently it's like the only place in the village with Internet access. But, I'm sorry, who goes and stays on the beach and spends there time online??

A garden of palms and hammocks. Our room is apparently on the upper level, which I guess is better. I don't know why... better view perhaps?

Upper level rooms come with hot showers, two beds, and individual terraces with private hammocks.

The view (excuse the leg...)

The Beach!

So ya, needless to say I'm getting totally psyched to get out there!

Woot WOOT!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

25 and Feelin' It!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes kids, that's right - the big Two-Five has finally arrived. You know what I love about getting older? I spent the whole weekend convincing people that I truly am as old as I am.

For real - Do I really look like I'm still in college? (That's a rhetorical question - feel free to not answer...)

So a little recap, eh? My actual birthday was Sunday, but the celebration began on Friday night. My dear friend Jarett had a busy weekend, so we had planned to celebrate on Friday. So it was him and me, and my friend Brian. The three of us met up down at Union Square - I have wanted to try Max Brenner's for so long so that's where I chose to have dinner. And let me tell ya - it's fantastic! I had the Salmon Wellington (yum) and... actually, it was so good that I don't even remember what it was served with. A salad? Hmm... I don't remember. After dinner came desert - which is the whole reason you go to MB's in the first place! There was a melted marshmallow chocolate crepe (w/ gummi bears for Brian) and a churro fondue - Both unbelievable rich and decadent! I'd go again just to get desert - so worth it! And the place is decently priced too. I think the most expensive entree was $15 and deserts were like $7 to $10. I'd hit it up for sure!

Just one suggestion: Don't bother drinking there. They have lots of Epicurean cocktail concoctions that seem really enticing... but in actuality they are far too weak for their price ($10-$14 each). So spend the money on desert, and then head out into the neighborhood to find a place to hunker down with a cocktail!

After dinner came a little karaoke, more drinking, and more drinking. Oh, and then more drinking. Jarett bailed early (like 1:00 AM) but Bri and I kept going. Made a quick trip to see David at Bamboo where we met a friend of his who was feeling lonely. Bri forgot we're in our mid-twenties and "called dibs"... but alas that lonely soul had other ideas. And that's all I'm going to say about that! *blush*

So now we're onto Saturday. Cue a bad hangover and an impending football game... ya, not a great morning! I got myself organized and out the door nearly on time. We played a good game against Team Jaeger. I mean, we lost, but it was still a good game. Mostly in the last ten minutes when we finally switched out our QB. I'm pretty sure that'll be a permanent change! So in the last 10 minutes we came back to do a little scoring, and kept the other team from reaching another score - aka we've still got hope for a successful season!

My team is great - I truly enjoy just about everyone on it! And there isn't a single person there that I dislike by any means. Great guys, and one unbelievable fantastic girl!

After the game, I went with Todd up to his place (Todd is Kiwi Katie's roomie) to get ready for the night - he and Katie had planned to have some people over to keep the celebrations going. All the girls and a bunch of the guys from the league showed up - it was a totally random grouping but it was so much fun! Everyone was mingling and enjoying meeting new people - gotta love it!

After some good pre-gaming we motivated out to the bars. It was a long night of drinking and laughing and enjoying each other - I couldn't have asked for anything more! Eventually I'll have to upload a few photos of the night -- but that will have to wait until I've got some more free time! (This post has taken almost two days to write! Work is killer right now...)

So Sunday morning comes around and I had to get myself motivated back up to Katie's - I ended up spending the night in Chelsea... le sigh... We caught the train and made our way out to CT to spend some time with the family. We did brunch in Westport at a cute little cafe, and then I went back to my sisters place to veg. Got back to the city around 11:00 pm, and slept oh so soundly!

So anyway, it was a great weekend. And aside from my BFF telling me over and over again how much cuter he thinks he is than me, I felt so much love! So a big ole THANK YOU to all of you who came out and made the weekend awesome!

Special shout out to my girl Katie (not the Kiwi, the other one!) who celebrated her b-day yesterday - LOVE YOU!

Also, to K - awesome meeting you on Friday night! I vaguely remember it... lol

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, St. Paddy's Day, and remember - Easter is a'comin!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Perfect Bedroom

Minus the strange masks and that tree-ish lookin' sculpture next to the window, I could definitely handle my room looking like this!

If only it was even slightly conceivable that I would be living in a space that could accommodate this design ANY time in the near future...

Someday... Someday...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Thousand Miles

How far is L.A. from NYC???