Tuesday, October 30, 2007

God's in the Hizzle, Yo!

Yesterday, shortly before the end of my workday, B called me and said that he didn't want to go home after work. So being the marvelous friend that I am, I said that I'd be open to doing something - so long as it didn't entail drinking or spending too much moolah. So he said "How about a show?" to which I replied "Did you not just hear me say that I don't want to spend a lot of money?"

Well turns out he did hear me. He had found two tickets online to see Altar Boyz for pretty cheap. So last night, instead of going home and doing laundry like the responsible adult I often mean to be, I spent the evening with Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham (he's Jewish).

The show is a Christian rock concert, mockumentary style. You are attending the final performance of the Altar Boyz concert tour, their last soul-saving effort to convert the righteous through pop harmonies and killer smiles!
The show works because it's mocking a religious contingency (aka the folks that actually attend such things) without really mocking the religion. And the combination of the guys is genius: Matthew (Chad Doreck) - the earnest Christian whose heart and smile is directed to the sinners in the audience; Mark (Ryan Ratliff) - the flamboyant diva of the group whose heart is directed at, well, Matthew; Luke (Andrew Call) - the slow minded bad boy who recently spent time "recovering" from "exhaustion"; Juan (Jay Garcia) - the latino who never knew his parents; and Abraham (Ryan Strand) - the Jew.

All five of the guys were really strong. There were a few moments where Chad Doreck (from Grease: You're the One That I Want) couldn't seem to muster the vocal and acting chops required... but that is really the only not-so-positive thing that I can say about it.

Mark's Jennifer-Hudson-channeling version of "Epiphany" was probably my favorite number in the show. Absolutely brilliant.

I kind of wish my parents lived closer so that I could take them. We aren't Catholic, but the show still hits close to the Mormon roots. Plus, my mom used to be Episcopalian so I'm sure she'd love it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Bad I Left My Time Machine in My Other Pants...

About a month ago, I received an email from Corporate Programs letting us know that they were going to be doing flu shots at the end of the month. Well, by the time I logged on and tried to sign up, all of the spots had been filled. So I got myself on the waiting list, and that was that.

Until this morning I didn't even think of it again. I get an email saying that there is a spot that has become available, and to click the given link to sign up. So I think "Hey! This is great!" but by the time my web browser pulls the link up, the slot is already gone.


Then about 30 minutes ago I get a second email. It says pretty much the same thing. "A spot has become available. Please click here to receive a flu shot!"

Again, I think "Hey! Great!"

I click the link, a little more hesitant because of what had happened this morning...

The spot is available and they're giving it to me! WOO HOO!

I know it may sound stupid to get excited about a flu shot, but ya'll - I get crazy sick at the change of every season. So this is a necessity in my world.

Anyway, I get my info all plugged in and take the spot. So a little box tells me it is sending my appointment confirmation via email.

A few moments later...

"Please proceed to the 19th Floor. Flu shots will be given in Room F. Your appointment is at 10:45 a.m., please try to arrive a few minutes prior. Thanks"

Wait... what the eph?

Did ya'll catch that? The appointment that I had been all excited to nab was for SIX HOURS BEFORE I GOT THE EMAIL! How the hell am I supposed to make an appointment that happened before lunch? And why would they waste me time emailing me a timeslot that was past?

Seriously, most of the time I like my job. And other times, like right now, I can't help but be amazed by the unintelligent levels at which some things around here are run...

Friday, October 26, 2007

You're a bitch - I'm a Seven!

Ya'll know I love me some Ugly Betty. Mucho.

So last night there was a whole swirl of drama: Claire almost assassinating Wilhelmina, Alexis getting her memory back, Daniel pouting (which is kind of getting old…), Hilda and Justin coping with the loss of Santos, and Henry pining for Betty even though he's about to have a child with another woman. In the midst of all the drama, the writers still manage to eek in some seriously witty comedy!

Marc gets to oversee an underwear shoot (where he meets Cliff) and Amanda joins him as he's getting up the nerve to ask out the (ridiculously hot) underwear model. And the exchange goes like this:

MARC: What is it girl? Someone fell down the well?
MANDY: Betty… Internet Dating… Must mock!
MARC: Gasp! No, bookmark it. I've got to stick around here. I'm trying to get up the nerve to ask hot pants over there…
MANDY: Oh, you're asking him out? Maybe I'll stay here and mock you.
MARC: What?! You think he's out of my league? He's an nine. I'm an eight.
MANDY: He's a ten. You're a six.
MARC: You're a bitch. I'm a seven!

Ok, I'm reading this and realizing that the comedy was in how the two actors delivered the lines. By themselves - only sort of funny. On the air? Laugh out loud hilarious. Youtube it - I'm sure it's there somewhere...

So last night we got introduced to a new character: Cliff St. Paul (played by David Blue).

He's a scroungy photographer turned love interest for Michael Urie's wickedly funny Marc St. James. He's the opposite of what you'd think Marc would date, and I love it. He's this soft funny cuddly sweet guy. Kinda scroungy but not in a dirty way. He reminds me of someone…. Hmmm, who could that be?

But I digress…

Anyway, the show last night was funny, and I wanted to share.

So there you go - from Me to You.

Oh, and Happy Friday! And have a safe weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Man of the Moment - Tuc Watkins

Just a little something new that I'm trying...

Every Friday I'm going to pick out a guy that has grabbed my attention during the past week to feature. He'll be someone in entertainment. Or maybe music. Or maybe theater... Who knows, really. I'll do a little bio or something, post a couple photos, and then during the week keep a photo posted on the side.

So, last week I posted my first guy - Lee Pace, of "Pushing Daisies" (which if you haven't yet watched - GET ON IT!)

This week, I'm choosing Tuc Watkins.
Tuc caught my eye during last sunday's episode of "Desperate Housewives". He is Bob, the fancy city-gay that gets a suburban itch that takes him, his partner, and their adorable and completely gay-appropriate dog to Wisteria Lane.

Playing gay is nothing new for Tuc. He once starred opposite Alexis Arquette in a film called "I Think I Do". But this is the first time DH has had a healthy gay influence - I mean, this couple is a far cry from pseudo-gay (and kinda evil) Andrew. Their first scene sets the tone for the couple pretty much perfectly when their response to Susan's "I know what gays are because I have cable" quip is "I hope we can live up to your stereotype!"

While the show spent more time featuring the conflict between his partner (Lee, played by Kevin Rahm) and Susan, any moment he was on the screen... well, let's just say I was pleasantly distracted by him!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My (Hot) December

Before I talk about Kelly, I have to talk about her opening act - Jon McLaughlin.

So B. and I are sitting there waiting for the concert to start, and not expecting an opening act. And then this guy walks out onto the stage out we both had to clutch our pearls and gasp! As did the girls in front of us, who apparently had seen him before because they knew his songs.

Anyway, take a minute to check him out. He's beautiful and TALENTED. The boy seriously rocked out on the keyboard. His hands were flying! His voice is a little like Adam Levine live. On his recordings it's a little different, but I can't put my finger on who he reminds me of. The style is like Coldplay meets John Mayer meets…someone really hot who can rock out on a piano!

He did like 5 songs from his album "Indiana" if you go HERE you can listen to a couple of the tracks…

OK! Moving on…

Kelly Clarkson was absolutely everything that I wanted her to be. The girl sounds just like she does on her albums, even if she does shy away from doing some of her big belty notes live…
The highlight for me of the whole concert was the slowed down version of "Because of You". It was just her and her musical director on the piano. That song is already gorgeous, but they were still able to do to it what she had done to "Beautiful Disaster" for the Breakaway release. At the climax of the song, the audience went nuts. I'm not normally a big screamer (at concerts) but I couldn't help it. She totally started laughing and was like "you guys! I'm not even done yet!" because the audience wouldn't stop hollerin'! lol So Cute!

It was an amazing time. By the end of the night I was sure I was going to have absolutely no voice between the screaming and jumping around and singing at the top of my lungs. I'm surprisingly ok this morning though. Which is good - No time to be exhausted with my schedule!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Just a quick hello...

I don't have a lot of time, but I just wanted to say hello to all my folks out there in the blogosphere.

The weekend was great. I could go on and on with the details of everything I did, but I'm at the end of my day and don't really have a lot of time. So I'll just give you some good highlights!

- I made a Kick-Ass White Pizza for me and Katie on Friday night. Believe me when I tell you that I'm becoming quite the cook!

- I spent a couple hours wishing that the men in my world looked like the Greek statues at the Met.

- I spent a bit of time reconnecting with old friends, loving on my current friends, and building relationships with new friends that I'm very glad to have met.

- I finally got to the top of Belvedere Tower, where I was able to deduce the origin of this nasty cold ;0)

So all in all it was a great weekend! I hope everyone had a good one as well. I swear to write more when I've got more time to kill.



Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hands On Art

My breath was quite literally taken away by these photos, so I thought I would share!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cruisin and Crashin

Last night I did something that I don't ever do. Ever.

I went to bed at 10:30 pm, and didn't even stay awake through the TBS re-run of "The Office" that I was so excited to find on my TV.

My normal routine usually involves much more late night TV and the eventual pass out around 1:30 or 2:00 am. But last night... oh man. So I'm reading my book (Hero by Perry Moore, which I'll write more about when I'm done with it) and think "why am I forcing myself to keep my eyes open?" So I put down my book, shut off the lights, and turn on the TV. I've got this problem; I can't fall asleep without something going on in the background. Hence the re-run last night. Or an Ipod playlist of melodic acoustic sets.

Anyway, why was I so tired? Well let me tell you...

I've been running NON-STOP since last Thursday when B decided that I needed to come out and meet his friend Jake. I'd been promising and promising so I was like "what the hell, I'm down!" So we went out to 13. They do $1 cocktails between 10-11 which means lots of cheap drinking and an early night to boot.

The club was ok. Fun enough. I'm not really into dance clubs, but at least it wasn't the kind of club where there are lines of blow being passed around and mostly naked men gyrating against the architecture. It was mostly Abercrombie-clad actor/dancer/waitors who passed around their $1 cocktails and gyrated against each other. I realize that may not seem better to most people. But at least I could sing along to the music.

I wasn't out all that late, but still later than I had planned. I actually ended up meeting someone that night who was very sweet and charming. We had a lot to talk about and he got me into the VIP lounge (always a plus) so I gave him a few stolen smooches under the stars (read: Disco Ball) and still made it home by one.

Friday night I was out again with B. We hit up Marie's Crisis for a little uber-gay showtune sing-along. It was actually a great time. I couldn't even sing most of the songs because the whole situation was just so ridiculously funny to me! I mean, where else do you find men and women ranging in age from Jail-Bait to Pre-Coffinary gathered around an old upright set of ivories belting "One" at the top of their lungs? WITH HARMONIES??? I haven't smiled that hard in a really long time. All the character and quirk and charm - if you haven't been I'll totally go with you ;0)

After a few hours there, we relocated to a friend of a friend of B's for a small house party. It was fine. I mean, there was an open bar. I ended up spending most of the evening chatting with a very nice kid (who is probably going to read this, so forgive me for not putting ALL the details out there...) ANYWAY, we were at the apartment for quite a few hours before moving on to EasterBloc. I know - gag! I hate that bar. But I was with a nice group of people that I didn't know so it was worth it. I couldn't even tell you what time I got home that night. Suffice it to say that it was late. Very late.

Saturday I had to run far too many last-minute errands before heading out to the bay for family dinner. I of course was off to a slow start and nearly missed my train. But then when I got out there (on time) everyone else was running really late, so I would've been fine if I had missed my train. But oh well, whatever. Dinner was fabulous. And because it was birthday dinner for two people there was both a Cannoli Cake AND a cheesecake. And Lots of Wine!

Spent the night in CT, took an early train in. Well, early enough that I could shower and change into my black shirt for the rugby game. First stop: Nero for brunch. Insert more drinking here. Then to the Kiwi Bar at South Street Seaport for the rugby game, which we lost. Oh well. But they serve Speights which is quickly becoming my favorite brew!

Left the kiwi bar in time to go ALL THE WAY back home and change and then go meet up with that guy I told you about from thursday. He invited me to attend the closing night gala for NYMF (New York Musical Festival). The party was fun, met some cool people. That guy (I should give him a nickname...) was a little clingy which kinda bugged.

Monday night was another birthday dinner. And cocktails beforehand. I got home at like midnight.

Anyway (sorry - I really didn't mean for this story to be so long. but be grateful because it could seriously be SO much longer) I just feel like I've been running running running since last thursday. So that's why last night, when I finished my laundry and had eaten my (fantastic) salmon salad... I crashed out earlier than I nearly ever do!

Unfortunately my schedule doesn't let up anytime soon.

Tonight a friend from PA is coming to stay with me. Tomorrow I volunteering at a children's school in Spanish Harlem and then have a volunteer meeting for the Clinton campaign. Friday I'm taking people to the airport from CT and then staying out there and on Saturday I'm spending the day with my friends to celebrate my lovely girlfriend's birthday.

So ya, I'm tired and will continue to be so for a while.

On a brighter note!

My sister just sent me this video of my nephew. His dad (my brother-in-law) was a big hockey player and they're getting Jack ready to follow in those shoes. Or skates, as it were...

Keep in mind - He's 2!

Hope you're doing well!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Top 10 to Fall For

The Fall Season has finally premiered, and I have to say: I'm not as impressed as I had thought I would be. Some of the old favorites have slipped and some of the new predicted-favorites were over-hyped and now come off as being completely under-whelming.

I'm not going to get all into every single opinion that I have; my fingers simply do not have the stamina. Instead I'm just going to give you my "Top Ten to Fall For!"

#10 - Private Practice (New Series, ABC)
I think all the hype that surrounded the amazing ensemble cast and the fact that it's a spin-off based on one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows set me up for the serious disappointment that I feel. The medical drama just seems really slow now that it's set outside of a hospital. I guess there was a reason afterall why all medical dramas took place in an E.R. I still love Kate Walsh, and the fact that Audra McDonald aka Broadway Goddess stars as well is a huge draw in my book. But something has to give. There are no laughs! It just all feels too heavy-handed to me. Lighten it up, Shonda Rhymes. I holding out for this to really take off!

#9 - Heroes (Sophmore Season, NBC)
You know I love me some super heroes! But this show gives me A.D.D. ya'll. There are just so many plots to keep track of and characters to remember back stories. Now that it's in a second year there are new characters and time travel and… well, it's just a little over-whelming. The saving grace for me of the program is, of course, the undeniably sexy Milo Ventimiglia. Did you catch the episode with him shirtless? And wet? And with a cute new haircut!? I don't mean to sound so gay about this… but I promise the show is still worthwhile!

#8 - Reaper (New Series, CW)
I love the premise: A misfit turns 21 and discovers these powers; come to find out his parents sold his soul to the Devil before he was born; now the Devil wants him to be a bounty hunter because apparently Hell is over-crowded and evil souls are escaping! And I didn't even mention the best part: Bret Harrison. The shows execution leaves a little to be desired. The film direction is pretty lackluster and I think the whole design of the series could've been more imaginitive. Overall though, I really enjoy it. It's lighthearted and fun, which make it an easy hour to get through!

#7 - Gossip Girl (New Series, CW)
Gossip Girl, aka my dirty little secret. Well, the secret is now out of the bag folks. This teen-drama centers around far-too-priveleged Upper East Sider kids, who apparently don't need fake ID's to drink like messed up 30-Somethings. It's a little contrived. The writing gets kinda corny. But that's what it's supposed to be! It stars some fresh young actors, most impressively Blake Lively. You may remember her from "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" as the sexed-up soccer girl who lost her mother. She's understated and it works. So ya, this may be one you DVR to watch when the world has gone to bed and you can binge on bad teen TV without fearing getting caught. No judgement ;0)

#6 - Grey's Anatomy (Fourth Season, ABC)
I really hope GA is on the upswing. It was once my favorite can't-wait-to-watch-every-week show, but somewhere in the middle of last season I got bored. Izzie got annoying. George got over-dramatic. Well, everyone got over-dramatic. And I'm not just talking about plot-lines, if ya know what I'm sayin'. But we thinned out some story lines: we'll miss Addison, but good-riddance to Burke. And we've got some new faces aka Meredith's little sister. And a whole bunch of new interns, which make the characters we know so well the bosses, which definitely puts a new (hopeful) spin on things! I suppose only time will tell, but I expect to see this one climbing back up my charts.

#5 - Chuck (New Series, NBC)
Another addicting new plot: Nerd Herd employee gets a random email from an old college roommate who was actually a rogue CIA operative; the email "downloads" all of the CIA and NSA secrets into his brain; enter killer NSA agent and hottie CIA agent to look after him. The premise is original, the actors are great, the dialogue is really clever… All in all a really great show to watch! It helps that they've got a leading man you can't help but get a little crush on… It's like what 24 would be if Jack Bauer were a funny loser. I highly recommend it!

#4 - Ugly Betty (Second Season, ABC)
Tried and True. This show got off to a slow start last season but picked up. And now I love it. Forget that it stars one of the best young actresses on TV (America Ferrera) and just look at the ensemble cast: Michael Urie as Mark the Uber-Gay assistant, Mark Indelicato as the Uber-Gay-but-in-an-endearing-way nephew of the title character, Vanessa Williams, Rebecca Romijn, Becki Newton, and Christopher Gorham who seriuosly defines the whole "Hot Nerd" craze. For some reason this cast makes the crazy plots work. The show has it all: laughs, drama, and heart. And quite a range of Broadway guest stars (like Patti LuPone last season as Mark's unaccepting mother!) It's not too late to get into Ugly Betty if you're not already.

#3 - Pushing Daisies (New Series, ABC)
One Word: GORGEOUS. This show is absolutely the most visually stunning thing on TV. I imagine that if Tim Burton decided to do a television series it would look and feel a lot like this. The plot is dark comedy with a hint of twistedly doomed romance, and just a splash of crime drama; all of which doesn't seem like it would go but… IT DOES! Absolutely genius, and by far the most unique thing on TV. And, on a personal note, I should mention that it co-stars Kristen Chenoweth, which may or may not (or may) make me a little biased…

#2 - Dirty Sexy Money (New Series, ABC)
Another cast immaculately assembled by the folks at ABC. Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, and Jill Clayburgh helm the new series based on a family of disgustingly wealthy New York socialites. And they are, as we all imagine the filthy rich to be, seriously fucked up.The oldest son with senatorial ambitions who has affairs with transsexuals. The daughter on her fourth husband who can't seem to get people to look past her wealth. The partying son with substance abuse issues and an addiction to "celebrity". The daughter who has no talent but idealistically wants to make a name for herself on her own, while of course living in a hotel being paid for by Daddy/inheritance/ridiculous financial means. Oh! And my favorite character: the Preacher son with the black heart. Which all is balanced out by the idealistic family lawyer searching for answers to his father's death and trying desperately to have a better life than his father had. All in all, it's pretty genius! I'm hooked…

#1 - Brothers & Sisters (Second Season, ABC)
My favorite show on TV. Bar none. I cannot watch an episode without getting choked up (damn Sally Field!) and then laughing my head off! One episode in and that show has already gripped me. Between the pending marriages and divorces and dealing with a war in Iraq… I don't know. I can't say enough good things about it! And everyone I know feels pretty much the same. My mom will call me after watching an episode. I'm not sure if it's because of Sally Field missing her own son, or Kevin Walker making my mom hopeful that I'll be a happy gay like him. Whatever it is, it speaks to people. And that's why it's my favorite!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend in the Country

Well it's Monday and back to work. Ho Hum. It's always nice to start the week after a relaxing low-key weekend.

Friday I took off for my sisters place out in the country. I hadn't been out since Labor Day weekend, so it was definitely time for a visit. We didn't have a lot on the agenda. Everyone involved was mostly in to just chillin out for a few days. Then Saturday morning after breakfast my sister asked my nephew what he wanted to do. He said he thought the Zoo "would be cool". He's 2.

So to the zoo we went. The zoo in Bridgeport is only about 15 minutes from where they live, so that was the destination. It's not a very elaborate zoo. They have two Siberian Tigers that are very cool, except that they pretty much just lay there and don't do anything. They've got some wolves and an odd looking bear too. They've got a petting zoo area that Jack was REALLY into. He was feeding goats and talking to the pigs and giving the bunnies kisses. Seriously, how adorable is he?!

The highlight this time around (this was my second or third trip there) was a man who had his bug collection on display. And I'm not talking grasshoppers and beetles. I'm talking Hissing Roaches, Tarantulas, Albino Milk Snakes (not bugs, I realize), and gigantic african insects of the creepiest kind!
You'll notice on Brian's chest the tarantula hanging out. Prior to that it had been on my arm. I thought I was brave (I've got a huge fear of spiders. Seriously.) but the man with the bugs took it off me when he realized I wasn't breathing… lol I'm a dork but it was fun!

The thing on my arm is an African Millipede. All those legs had the strangest feeling. I was feeling pretty cool and like I could handle just about anything after a tarantula and what not. Then he pulled out the roaches and made like he was going to put one on my shirt. And that was pretty much it for me. There was no way… I can barely handle them on the streets, let alone on my shoulder!

Saturday night I offered to cook for the family. I was at the tail end of a cleanse I've been doing, so I figured since my options were limited I should just make the dinner so my sister didn't feel put out. So I played around a bit. What I came up with Shrimp Scampi served over Butterflied Chicken, and a Warm Vegetable Salad inside Hollowed Tomatoes.

TASTY. I hate to toot my own horn, but DAMN I'm GOOD. Lol

Sunday morning we all got up and went to the Big Rig Gig in Darien. My sister's mother-in-law works for a non-profit that hosts the annual event. The bring in police cars and firetrucks and diesels and all sorts of big equipment and let the kids climb inside. It's a lot of fun for the kids. B and I had to find other ways to amuse ourselves….

By the time we were half way done I was over it. B felt the same, so we spent the majority of the time paying more attention to all the hot dad's that were there than the trucks and what not.
After the event we trained back to the city. I had a few shows to catch up on from last week, so we did that and then watched the season premieres of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. I was a little disappointed with DH. The whole "something happened in a dark locked up Attic room" storyline has been really overdone at the point. However, I am not bemoaning the presence of Nathan Fillion as the new husband-next-door. YUM.

And I love Brothers & Sisters, but I kinda hate that right when Kevin is going into a good relationship they're going to send him to some country far away. I would rather he stay so that we can see the relationship develop, but whatever. I guess that's why it's called a Prime time Soap.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!
Happy Monday!