Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Familiar Face

Remember like FOREVER ago when I went on and on about how gays were getting a good rap on TV -- especially during a "Grey's" ep featuring two gay and loving soldiers? It was back at the same time Scotty and Kevin were tying the knot on "Brothers and Sisters"...

No? Don't remember?

I mentioned it before... here!

Well, ok. One of said gay and loving soldiers popped back up on my small screen last week. I took one look at his face and was like "Wait, why do I know him?!" His name is David Giuntoli...

Here, this is David:

Um, that picture is pretty much all I can find, and it in no way really does this guy justice. Seriously ya'll, freaking gorgeous!

I was so happy to see those gorgeous eyes on last week's episode of "Privileged" (a new favorite - this show makes me laugh so much...), playing the role of the kind-hearted Head Master of Cielo Prep School.

Le sigh. So happy to have him on TV. And as a regular no less...

It's another (and big) reason that you all should watch this show!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Song of the Moment

So I've been keeping a space in the right-hand column for a section called "Song of the Moment". Unfortch, it's not wide enough, but you can still listen to whatever my favorite song right then is. And in some cases, you can even see a lot of the video. So to counter-balance that minute inconvenience, I've decided to give each new song a quick shout-out in the main column.

So here's my favorite song. Of the moment.

Funnily enough -- it happens to be by my Man of the Moment.





Oy. I'm starting to really feel the transition now...

Friday, September 19, 2008

T.G.I.F. Has Never Meant So Much...

What a week.

If you would have come to me two weeks ago and said "Look dude, this is what is going to be happening in your immediate future..." I probably would not have believed you.

So what's been happening this week?

Well let's see. My company declared bankruptcy and I spent three days sitting at my office with nothing to do but stew about my future.

My best friend told me that she was leaving the country permanently on the 23rd because the fucking US Government can't get their shit together enough to acknowledge this wonderful, upstanding, and contributing memeber of our community and get her VISA issued.
Nevermind that hispanic immigrants are being allowed to stay because they are cheap labor. No, this wonderful and AMAZING Kiwi is being sent home.

So that is how my week started. Hell. But don't worry, it did get a bit better...

On Wednesday it was announced that Barclays Capital came back to negotiations and agreed to purchase all of Lehman's dealer/broker division, which encompasses the Investment Banking division that I am a part of.

Now, does this mean that I've got long-term job security? Well, not really. Both companies will have to clean house as the acquisition is executed. But I'm optimistic that my head will stay off the block if you know what I mean...
In other good happenings -- Big Apple Dodgeball had it's first night of official game play! So my team, the Boy Butter Fisters (yes, that's our name...), kicks some pretty serious ass. Like, our first match went by so fast that I wasn't even sweaty. And I sweat A LOT. We're ranked in first place, with two other teams. Right now, the top three teams are all 5-1. Hopefully next Monday we'll pull away. Go Fisters!

This weekend should be interesting. Tonight is the NY Send-Off for my Katie. The forecast is predicting lots of Speights and a 99% chance of ocular precipitation.

Tomorrow is one of my best friend's bday extravaganza. It's a whole day event. Like, we're all meeting at 12:00 pm, and it is going to go for like 16 hours.... I'd better get some sleep tonight!

Sunday is Katie's official Send Off Party out at the beach. I can't believe this is happening. Get ready for some more tears!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New Boy-Crush

Ok, so like I said in my last blog.... I really don't have a type. Like, not at all. But there are a few things that I am certainly NOT interested in... most of the time...
Like guys under the age of 23. I'm sorry, but that's just too young and there's not a chance in hell we're at even vaguely similar places in our lives. So sorry youngin's... you're not crush-worthy.

But that doesn't mean you can't be freakin hot. For example... have ya'll seen pics of Miley's new boy?

Meet Justin Gaston. Get rid of the cross and the bible (two things I really have like ZERO tolerance for) and this is grade A material.

He's an underwear model...

And an aspiring country singer -- which I guess explains the cross and the holy book...
Did I mention he's an underwear model?

I think that I could make an exception to my "age rule" for this 20-year old hottie. And I'm guessing that there aren't many people out there who could blame me ; )
Excuse me while I collect my jaw from the floor...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Type? Not so much...

Do you have a "type"?

Like, when you're out there in the singles scene, is there a certain kind of person that normally attracts you?

I've discovered that I absolutely do not have a type. As in, there is no rhyme or reason that I can see for being drawn to the people that I am drawn to.

Let's examine. We'll stick to just this year, ok?

When the year began I was seeing a guy of Indian desent. Dot, not feather. He was very successful, and totally Ivy League -- which is what I think really drew me to him. That, and he was a total dork, which I just so happen to find terribly endearing.

That ended, and the next person to snag my interest was white, tall, and skinny. Well, maybe skinny isn't the right word because he was athletic. But skinny athletic. Yes, that's appropriate and I hope not too confusing. He was blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Also successful, and the athletic thing was a big draw for me. Of course, then I got to know him. Douche.

Then I spent all that time in Italy, where I met a hot Italian waiter in Positano who became a fast obsession. About my height, kinda scruffy, dark hair and eyes... He was foreign, which is an instant pass into the H. O. T. category...

The next crush was on another blonde, blue-eyed athletic type guy. Again, he was tall. I always thought that I liked guys closer to my height -- 5'9 would be like the perfect height on a guy for me. This guy is over 6 feet, as was the other white guy. Maybe I only like "tall" on white guys... Or maybe only if they're athletic? Hrmmm...

Then there's the older bear-type guy. About an inch taller than me, solid build, well maintained facial hair... This guy is probably the sweetest of everyone here. I thought he was hot the first time I saw him. Then we hung out. And that's when the crush happened. He's adorable, and sweet is definitely sexy.

And then there's the jew. Jew? Should that be capitalized? He's also a little taller than what I'm normally attracted to. Not as tall as the two blondes, but taller than the bear. Very funny. Very sweet. His hair and eyes are brown. The nose is not huge, but definitely what you'd expect. And he has a smile that I think is responsible for this instant crush... see, I haven't known this one for very long. Just long enough to get tingles still when we talk :)

Oh! And then there's my new work crush -- also Indian!

So, you see? I'm about as consistent as... well, something terribly inconsistent.

Is this true for everyone? Does everyone else ever find themselves looking at someone and going "Damn!" and then "Wait... what the -- ?!"

I'm curious to know...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Up?

Remember how like a week ago I was all "oh I'm going to be so much better about keeping people informed on what's going on..." Ya, I suck at that.

Kinda like how I suck at seeing my oldest and bestest friend EVER even though she now lives just one burrough over....

So last I updated ya'll I was getting ready to watch my friend Whit's dog -- Newman. That was a great experience for me because I learned a whole lot.

Like Dog Park people are not so much hot as they are uber-friendly.

I am far more patient than other people (well, this isn't actually a new thing -- I've known this for a while)

A lot of dogs are gay. Did you know that? I didn't know that. But I swear to you -- I saw more guy on guy action from the horny canines at Union Square than I did at Pieces, Marie's Crisis, and HK Lounge COMBINED on Saturday night. Who knew?

If I were ever to get a dog, I would totally be obsessed with it. It would become my world. I would feel guilty leaving it home. I would only do outdoor cafes so that it could come along. My screen saver on my phone would be a photo of the dog... Ya, I could totally see myself becoming that guy... And it's not really a good thing...

I had Newman for just the night. Passed him off to another friend of Whit's around one, and then it was off to see RENT for the last time.

BFF and I got tickets to the Saturday matinee. It was so great -- I'm really really happy that I went one more time. Cuz now it's closed... which really does feel so strange to me. RENT isn't playing in New York? WHAT?

As I mentioned before, that night involved a bit of bar hopping. There were stops and a few West Village spots, and then it was back uptown to hang at HK with some new dodgeball friends. Had so much fun! In fact, it was so much fun that four of us -- me, Scott, Steve, and Steve -- ended up rallying and kept up with the festivities until... what, 7:00 am? Oye.

So as you can imagine, Sunday I did NOTHING. Literally. I did not stray even one block from my bed. It wasn't even that I was that hungover, but my lord I was exhausted!

So that was the weekend in a nutshell. Oh! Another topic...

About one year ago I had an idea for a musical. And about 8 months ago I started writing it. Friday of last week, I FINALLY finished the first draft!

It's nowhere near ready yet, but I feel like it's a good start. It had it's first readings. No, I didn't host a reading... what I mean is that I gave the script to a few people to read and give me feedback. I've only gotten feedback from one person (clears throat at the rest of you all...) and it was really positive! He told me a lot of things I already knew i.e. my time periods need clarification and Act One is a little "heavy handed" but there was also some really great stuff... like a little romance here and a few jokes there.

So now I'm on to Draft 2. And I'm really excited about it! I think this draft will be much better than the first :)

Monday night was the season launch party for Dodgeball. SO MUCH FUN. I am on a really great team (with a not so great name -- Boy Butter Fisters??? Are you kidding me with this?!?) and am totes excited for actual play to begin on the 15th. Woot!

I'm getting my haircut tonight. That's exciting but mostly just for me. And for BFF, cuz he's been hearing me bitch about my hair for a few weeks now and was definitely over it :-)

Ok, so, that's really all I've got. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! And continues to have a great week!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Uncle Spencer

Remember this little guy?

Well his Mama is going away this weekend for her G-ma's 80th B-day -- apparently they're going skydiving??? I SO want into that family :-)

So anyway, a few of us friendsters are sharing custody of Newman, and I get him tonight! I'm sooooo excited!

FIRST STOP: Washington Square Dog Park

It's a well-known fact that men with dogs are hot. And men with dogs love other men with dogs. It's like having the same inseem and being able to share clothes -- a natural incentive to relationships.

Not that I'm taking Newman out as bait and trolling for a boyfriend. That would be awkward, cuz I only have him until tomorrow afternoon and then... what after that? I think they'd catch on that I don't really have a dog... But I'm excited none-the-less.

It's like I'm borrowing a key to that exclusive club in the Meatpacking District.

Enjoy your weekend!