Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Big City, Small World!

I was just over dropping off a package in the mailroom when a woman who works on the other side of my floor stopped me.

"Do you know Jen (insert last name here)?"

Well I have a ton of friends named Jen, so I answered "I don't think so".

So she starts telling me about how she's got this friend who recently had a birthday, and she swears that she recognized me from some of the pictures. So she asks me what my name is, and by the time I get back to my desk she has forwarded me pictures of her friend's birthday bash.
And sure enough... THERE I AM!

As it turns out, her friend (in the blue on the right) is "Upper East Side Jen". And "UES Jen" is really good friends with my friend Shannon (the very tall one on my left). Those pictures are from the night that Katie's (who is on my right) company was sponsoring the Daytime Emmy Pre-Party that we all went to (See TIDBITS! from 06/07/07!). I had forgotten that it was UES Jen's birthday, too.

So there ya have it.

Even in the largest city in the United States, it is still a very small world!

Cry, Freedom!


This morning, one Miss Paris Hilton was released from jail in L.A., thus ending what has been the most ridiculous celebrity-incarceration-media-frenzy in the history of...well, EVER.

Photographers sprinted after Hilton’s vehicle as she left. When the SUV hit a red light during the ride, photographers jumped out of their cars and swarmed it. (Source)

Everyone needed a shot of the reportedly reformed party queen. Apparently this stay in the big house has made the heiress realize how lucky she is. In a phone call to Ryan Seacrest from her cell, she said "...I'm just so grateful to have a pillow. And food!" She also put in a call to Barbara Walters, admitting that she's not as dumb as she lets on...

“I used to act dumb. It was an act. I am 26 years old, and that act is no longer cute,” Hilton said during the call, according to an account posted June 11 by Walters on ABC’s Web site.
“It is not who I am, nor do I want to be that person for the young girls who looked up to me,” Hilton was quoted as saying. (Source)

There are some that would have you believe this party girl is the new American Royalty. Some have even compared her to Princess Di (which is absolutely shameful in my opinion).

Will she really be a changed woman? Can we truly expect Paris to use her blonde ambition to more philanthropic ends?

Maybe. But I'm guessing it will all be after some killer welcome home parties. After all, Old Habits Die Hard.

Even for Paris Hilton.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tidbits! 06/25/07

I can't believe that June is already over! I know, we still have five days left, but come on! We're HALF WAY BACK TO CHRISTMAS!


Because I have no news, I offer this video instead. This little girl does a fierce impression of Jennifer Hudson! She even goes for all the same vocal chops... HILARIOUS!

So this weekend was pretty great. After work on Friday I went to an open bar party at Calico Jack's over on 2nd Ave and 42nd Street. I definitely took advantage of the open bar - I think by the time we left (2 hours total) I had sucked down 9 or 10 margaritas. I didn't feel drunk, but I definitely was! We left (we = Katie, Brad, and myself) to go meet David for dinner at Arriba Arriba. We waited about 20 minutes so that we could sit in David's boyfriend's section. Chad is a sweet guy, and David seems to really like him so he's all good by me!

One chicken chimi and a Papa Margarita later, I dragged my now inarguably drunk ass home. I woke up sans hangover (thank god!) on Saturday, on time to meet Katie at Grand Central. Off we went to Noroton Heights for some great beach/boat time. Mandy and Jack came down, so it was them, me, Katie, and DJ & Jo. I wish I had a picture of all of us. Oh well! I do have this super cute picture of me and Jack, though. His glasses are a little dorky, but those were the ones he insisted on wearing that day. He has like 6 pairs...

I babysat that night so that Mandy and Doug could go to a rehearsal dinner. Then yesterday was Doug's cousin Jeff's wedding. It was a lot of fun. Very typical sit-down-dinner type reception, but with a great live band that played an awesome mix of classics and recent stuff, like Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape"... SO FUN!

I had to get up ridiculously early to get back to the city this morning to be at work on time. But what are you gonna do? It's family!

I have nothing going on tonight. I need to get some sleep and shave...so that's what my agenda entails as of right now. Exciting, eh?

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tidbits! 06/20/07

Sunday night was the Broadway Bares concert. Here are some photos from the show! (Source)

For many more photos (many of which I was hesitant to upload…) click here!

So a few nights, Matt Lauer aired an interview with Princes William and Harry. As soon as it started, I couldn't help but think of my good friend Jeremiah's recent comments on "Ginger Kids". I do think that Prince Harry rightly qualifies, and apparently even carries the nickname "ginger"! Now, I'm not generally a fan of redheads, but Harry is Royally Hot. No?

Monday night I went to a reading of a new musical by Adam Gwon at the New York Theatre Barn. The show is called Ordinary Days and reminded me a lot of something Jason Robert Brown would write. It told the story of four characters living and loving in NYC. It was very relatable and very touching. It definitely has a LOT of work that still needs to be done to it, but for a first draft I was AMAZED. So I wrote to the producers giving my own feedback, and got lengthy emails back from both thanking me for my input and calling me "highly intelligent". I was even asked by the executive producer if I was a theater critic… Maybe someday!

Tonight my group at work is heading down to SoHo for a Wine Tasting. It's a goodbye to a few of the guys that are moving on to other things. Should be fun! I of course have to be out of there in time to get home for So You Think You Can Dance!

Have a great night!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Broadway Bares All for AIDS

This weekend is the annual Broadway Bares performance to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS organization. The concert series was started something like seven years ago by Jerry Mitchell. He and six friends were hosted by the Union Square bar SPLASH, one of Manhattan's most popular gay clubs. Their first show had people lined up around the block, so they ended up staying and doing two performances that night.

That was the birth of this tradition. Now the concert of strip-tease and burlesque inspired movement features over 200 Broadway actors and actresses. This year the show will have a Greek Mythology theme and feature current stars like Laura Bell Bundy and David Hyde Pierce.

To give you an idea what the concert is like, I've found a great clip for you! Last year, the theme was Sexy Superheroes. Actor Christopher Sieber and his boyfriend (also an actor) were featured in this particularly enticing act as Batman and Robin.

It's what I always dreamed the cartoons could be. And now it's in real life.


Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Getting back into DANCE, and Tidbits! for 06/14/07

Want to make your Broadway debut in…SHREK...???

I only wish I were kidding. There is a casting call in LA on June 20 for Rock/R&B Singers who would be playing the roles of Shrek and Donkey respectively. Now I'm a big Disney fan, and I love when the old Disney musical films finally make it to the Broadway stage.

But Shrek? Really?!

I suppose it's wrong of me to judge before I see or hear something. But I'm me. And I'm judging. And I'm very skeptical of how this will turn out.
Almost as skeptical as I am of Spiderman: the Musical, which is also currently in development.

Ok, enough Broadway news (mostly 'cuz there really isn't all that much more to tell…) and on to my new obsession: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!

Last night was the first night of the Finals, and the 20 finalists were paired up to compete for their spots in the Top 10. I'm not a big fan of some of the contestants, but let me just give you a quick run down of my own Final 10!

Kameron Bink: The Hipster. A hip/hop contemporary dancer also trained in jazz, tap, ballet, and acrobatics. His hobbies are skydiving and riding motorcycles, and he is H-O-T. I have just a little bit of a crush…
Pasha Kovalev: The Russian. A ballroom trained dancer with a Latin style focus. He's Russian, and yummy! Every season has that good looking foreign guy, and he is it this year.

Neil Haskell: The Boyish Charmer. A jazz/ballet dancer with a musical theater background. Neil was part of the short-lived Broadway production "Times They Are A'Changin". He's going to have to work harder than some of the others to make it to the Top 10 because his personality doesn't really come through, but I think he'll get there. He's got that same boyish quality that got Ivan into the finals last year.
Hok Konishi: The Edge. An absolutely ridiculous breakdancer. He also likes to cook, draw, paint, and play the violin. We also started seeing him last season, when he got rejected in semi's for not having a work visa (he's from England) so I think he won't have any problems finding a spot in the top 10.

Danny Tidwell: The Talent. A professionally trained ballet, jazz, and lyrical dancer. He is the adopted brother of last season's Travis Wall, but he doesn't have the personality that Travis did. Danny is great, but has a lot of attitude which could get him in trouble with both the judges and the audience. After all, this is about personality as much as it's about dancing.


Lacey Schwimmer: The Heir Apparent. Swing/Latin dancer, and sister of last season's winner, Benji. I'll admit that I was skeptical in the beginning that she was getting advanced because of her family ties. But last night she really stood out. She is obviously well-trained and versatile, and has an awesome personality as well. She's a shoe-in for the finals.

Sara VonGillern: The Cool Girl. Trained in all facets of dance, but specializing in hip hop, breaking, and choreography. It was surprising to see that she can do more than just hip hop. She may be the surprise of the season.

Lauren Gottlieb: The Technician. Trained in jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and tap. We began seeing Lauren last year when she was the assistant to one of the choreographers. There may be some people who will think she's being favored by the judges because of her past involvement with the show, but it's up to the public now. And I think the public is going to love her.

Jaimie Goodwin: The Girl Next Door. The underdog of the girls, but her with her background and relatable personality, I think she'll make it through. She is trained in tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pointe, and musical theater. The only thing missing from her resume is ballroom, so we'll see how she fares.

Jessi Peralta: The Artist. She's a self-described Gumbo dancer, meaning she mushes it all together to express whatever it is she is feeling. Her contemporary solo work in the auditions was impressive, and then she wowed her first time out in a smooth waltz. With the amount of face time she has received, the judges enthusement, and her raw talent, I think we'll see her straight through to the end.
Here are a couple of highlights from last night's show, in case you missed it.

First is Kameron and Lacey doing a contemporary piece by Mia Michaels.

Sara and partner Jesus doing a pop/jazz routine by Wade Robison.

Danny and partner Anya diong a Jive by Alex Da Silva.

So maybe my little crush makes me a little bit biassed, but how amazing were Lacey and Kameron?! They are by far my favorite couple, with Pasha and Jessi coming in a close second. I wish I could find a video of their Waltz.
If you haven't started watching yet, I highly recommend doing so. As the competition progresses, the dancers and choreography get better and better. You won't be disappointed!

Today is my parents 36th Wedding Anniversary. Can you believe that? 36 years... I have a really hard time getting my head around the fact that they've been with each other that long. I mean, they're great people and all... but that's a long time for anyone!


I don't really have anything going on tonight. I need to pack for the weekend. Mandy and Doug are heading up to Boston to volunteer at the Special Olympics, so I'm heading out to CT to watch the Jack-man. I feel like I haven't seen him in forever, so I'm really excited! Sunday is also Father's Day, so I'm hoping it'll warm up and that we can get some good boat/beach time in.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life After TONY and other Tidbits! (06/13/07)

THIS JUST IN: Jake Gyllenhaal in his Broadway debut?

Ok, so before you get too excited, let me just begin this by saying that it's not confirmed yet!

Farragut North may be coming to Broadway next season. The show had a reading previously starring Hollywood IT boy Jake! Michael Reidel reported in the New York Post that Gyllenhaal will be deciding by the end of the week whether or not he will be joining the rest of the workshoppers in a Broadway production of the piece. The show will be directed by James Lapine and co-star Alison Pill.

After walking away with 8 Tony Awards on Sunday night, the cast of Spring Awakening gathered at Spotlight Live to throw a little after-party of their own. The show was the monster hit of the season, cementing what's sure to be a long run at the O'Neill. Lots of people turned out for the fiesta. There were awards winners, nominees, family members, and numerous people from the community who were out to show their support! (Source)Tony Winner John Gallagher, Jr.; Musical director Kim Grigsby; Tony Nominee Jonathan GroffCastmates Steven Spinella, Phoebe Strole, Tony Winning Composer Duncan Sheik, and Skylar AstinCastmates Johnathan B Wright, Phoebe Strole, Lauren Pritchard, and Skylar Astin

Tony Nominee Jonathan Groff and his parents (anyone else surprised by the size of his dad?!)Jonathan Groff and his brother, who is apparently a big Angela Lansbury fan (and H-O-T) Tony Winner John Gallagher Jr. and Sr. (Is it odd that I think he is so cute? The Jr, I mean...)Actor Zach Braff presented at the Sunday awards, and then decided to hang with the SA gang. Don't get me wrong, I like Zach and all... but he looks kinda creepy all up in Lea's face like that.Actor Neil Patrick Harris stopped by to say congratulations to his fellow actor (and dare I say, homo?) Jonathan Groff. I see Neil often at Arriba Arriba on 9th with his boyfriend, so I'm sure it was purely professional good graces... Tony winning actor (not this year mind you) Liev Schreiber made a quick appearance (sans the very pregnant Naomi) to say congrats to his good buddy Duncan.Former Tony Winner Michael Cerveris and John Gallagher Jr.Last, but not least is my FAVORITE photo of 2004 Tony Winner Idina Menzel and SA star Lea Michele. I know that Lea idolizes Idina, so I'm sure this was a great moment for her! UGH I'm so jealous...

On a less happy note, it has been announced that John Doyle's recreation of Sondheim's masterpiece Company will be giving it's final bow on July 1st. I guess the producers weren't happy enough with the show walking away this season with a Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle award for Best Revival of a Musical, and a Drama Desk and Outer Critic Circle award for Best Actor for Raul Esparza's performance.

It's a shame. Seriously. Company was the best show that I saw this season. I liked even more than I liked Spring Awakening.

Anyway, if you live somewhere that you can see it before it ends, I promise you will not be disappointed in the show. And I promise that this is a theater experience that you do not want to miss.

The next big question: What will Raul do next?

Could they cast him as Sky Masterson in next season's revival of Guys and Dolls? Or how about Gomez Addams in Andrew Lippa's upcoming musical version of The Addams Family?

There were some casting changes announced yesterday for Billy Elliot: the Musical in London. Now, I'm not going to go far into who it was and why, as I'm sure no one really cares.

This show is going to be making it's Broadway debut next season, so I wanted to post a video of the the number "Electricity" just to give you a little taste of what's in store. This sequence comes after a woman asks Billy "What do you feel when you're dancing?" It gets off to a slow start, but hang in there! The dancing this little kid does is RIDICULOUS!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Business Like Show Business...

I was involved in a large debate yesterday regarding the coverage of the Tony Awards, or more specifically the Tony pre-show coverage. As it stands, only one local media covered the event: NY1. TheaterTalk (featuring my guru - Michael Reidel) also ran a pre-show, but not of the red carpet variety. It was more of a last minute predictions sort of thing.

The red carpet coverage on NY1 was ridiculous. Patrick Pacheco, the LA Times Theater critic, mistakenly acknowledged Marsha Gay Harden as a former Tony Winner for Angels in America, and she had to correct him with a soft "Actually I didn't win…" His response? "Oh! You should've!" Then Roma Torre turned around and did the same thing to John Mahoney, congratulating him on his nomination for "Prelude to a Kiss"! The whole thing was just embarrassing as a theater fan.

These are the people we have covering the biggest night in theater? You mean to tell me, in a city like New York, there is NO ONE better qualified?? Good Lord! I could (and willingly would) do that SO much better! I would not have made mistakes like those, and I'm not even a professional theater critic.

Critics of the theater often wonder whether or not Broadway has any commercial relevance. Over the last few years we have seen the successful return of the movie musical, which lends to thinking that theater does still carry a place in our culture. Yet, while Broadway itself grossed more than ever, the Tony Awards received their lowest ratings ever in their history. In a season with huge shows with lots of youth-appeal like Spring Awakening, Legally Blonde, and Mary Poppins, is this really the best we can do? Is there a way to better market Broadway so that people will actually sit up and listen?

I venture that it is possible. The fans are out there! But with no coverage, and the small amount that there is being hosted by idiots and run exclusively in NYC, we are going about it all wrong. Can we not get gossip juggernauts like Entertainment Tonight and E! to run stories? Are we not wearing the same designers, and borrowing the same unimaginably expensive Harry Winstons?
We are…so what's the problem?!

The Broadway community needs to get new, younger, more appealing and relevant people in their publicity departments. We need to make Premiers actual EVENTS again. We need to get our red carpets photographed to death, and on the really big events find a place in the national media market.

I don't have the answers or the "how to"'s for these suggestions. All I am saying is that if we keep Pacheco on the front lines, we don't have a shot in hell...

Tidbits! (06/12/07)

Something tells me that now the Tony's are over and done with, I'm going to have less fodder for my little blog here… Who knows, maybe I'll pick up another hobby? I am officially taking any and all suggestions, so let me have 'em!

Sondheim fans will be happy to learn that John Doyle is mounting yet another of his pieces next season - Merrily We Roll Along. The show centers on three friends (Frank, Charley, and Mary) and works backwards in chronology. The show contains some of Sonheim's greatest pieces, including my personal favorite "Not A Day Goes By". Here's a video of Bernadette Peters singing the number. I hope you have tissues!

We can expect that this show will be done in the same style as last season's Sweeney Todd and this season's Tony Winner for Best Revival, Company. If it's even slightly as good as Company it will be a show not to be missed! Casting hasn't been announced yet. The show will be opening first in the UK's Watermill Playhouse, and is expected to arrive on Broadway in 2008.

Yesterday, the USTA (United States Tennis Association) held auditions for young people to sing the National Anthem at this year's US Open. The auditions were at Radio City Music Hall, and an estimated 2,000 kids showed up, stage mom's in tow, to audition. USTA provided an American Idol-esqu panel of three: Ashley Parker Angel, Bebe Neuwirth, and Brad Blanks. I don't know if Blanks is a Brit, but can't you just hear Angel saying "yo dawg, that was da' bomb!"? And Bebe has got that ridiculous Paula-clap down to an art…
Can you imagine sitting through two thousand kids singing the National Anthem? I'd kill myself…

In other kid-friendly news, tickets for the Little Mermaid have officially gone on sale for it's Broadway debut this winter. I'm a huge theater fan, and I love pieces that force you inside to think about life and your own version of reality. I like work that leaves you shaken.

But unlike many other theatergoers with similar taste, I also have a palette for fluff. AKA: I love me some Disney musicals! I'm so excited for this show. No, it won't be core-shaking. But I guarantee that it's going to be a hella good time! Have I mentioned yet that Sherie Rene Scott is starring as Ursala? Ya - get you tickets now!

This week looks like it's going to be pretty mellow for me. I don't really have anything going on until the weekend when I head out to CT for Father's Day and what not.

I'd like to apologize now for the many lame "what I watched on TV" comments to come!

Monday, June 11, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Last night was the 2007 Tony Awards. Let me start by saying that his year has meant more to me than any other year, and I've watched the Tony's since I was a little kid. This year, being able to see all of the productions and form my own opinions, has really changed my take on the awards.

The BIG winner was Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater's SPRING AWAKENING. The show walked away with awards in 8 of it's 11 nominated categories:Best Lighting, Choreography, Book, Score, Orchestrations, Best Supporting Actor (yay John G. Jr!), Best Director (yay Michael Mayer!), most importantly Best New Musical.

This juggernaut was highly deserved. The story and music are thrilling, and the performances delivered by it's young stars were without a doubt some of the best work I've seen this year. Had the Best Actor and Best Actress categories not been stacked with theater legends, I would think that Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele could've been awarded as well.

Best Revival went to Company. Totally deserved, and predictable. As good as 110 In The Shade was, Company is a raw embodiment of both minimalistic musical theater and the genius that is Stephen Sondheim. That was a long awaited "thank you" after Sweeney Todd was snubbed last year by RoundAbout's Pajama Game.

Best Actress went to Christine Ebersole. Her performance was highly acclaimed and apparently brilliant. I have not seen that show yet, but from what I gather no one else even had shot in hell. So, like I said in my predictions, this was deserved and expected.

The biggest upset came in the category of Best Actor. David Hyde Pierce walked away with the award. As I've said before, his performance was not as great as Raul Esparza's. But he is loved by the community and has more of an impact of theatergoers than he did on me.
His acceptance speech was incredibly gracious and humble, which completely endeared him to me. And I couldn't help but laugh when he cited 24 years of his partner's notes for being the reason he is where he is. What a great guy. As bummed as I am that (my future lovah) Raul didn't win, I'm completely happy for David.

Best Featured Actress went to Mary Louise Wilson from Grey Gardens. She was funny, but I don't love her.

My favorite moment was Julie White's reaction to winning Best Actress in a Play! She was shocked and witty and funny and fabulous. I've been a fan of hers since I saw her on TheaterTalk a little over a month ago. She just seems like a completely down to earth actress who is really doing this because she loves it. She doesn't have a degree from Tisch or Yale… she just does what she does really well! And I love her for that…

Most of the play awards were incredibly predictable. Coast of Utopia won seven awards including Best Actor Billy Crudup and Best Actress Jennifer Ehle, Best Play, and Best Director.

The performances this year were reasonably good as well. The show opened with A Chorus Line doin' it's thing. Naturally. I mean, you don't NOT open with the iconic box office smash of the season. Come on.

A friend of mine said he wanted a montage… but can I say THANK GOD that they didn't? Montages do no justice to the shows. And the Tony's exist to draw people to the theater, so I think shows are best represented by showcasing individually. NOT mashing them all together with one another, making Broadway appear like the barf-bucket of entertainment.

For the record - Medley is different than Montage. I did like the medley's from Mary Poppins and Spring Awakening. I really wanted them to put Gavin Lee up on the ceiling. I mean, they let Elphaba fly - how hard could it have been? But it was still very effective in showcasing the musical as fun family fodder. And Spring Awakening took both of it's taboo numbers and self-censored - which I thought was surprisingly effective! Good to both of them!

I thought the performances from Grey Gardens and 110 In The Shade were good, but both of those numbers really need the context of the show to really be effective. So while the two leading women were adequately showcased, I think the producers will be disappointed that there is no immediate up-swing in ticket sales. Grey Gardens could still come out of the awards with a boost in liu of both Ebersole and Louise-Wilson's wins, but only time will tell.

All in all I thought it was a good show. It was admittedly a little anticlimactic, as most of the awards had been predicted long ago. But it's always good to see all of the stars dressed up and ready to party! (Below: Audra McDonald, Jane Krakowski (to be seen next season in Guys & Dolls revival?), Laura Bell Bundy, and Lea Michele)

Friday, June 8, 2007


And finally… my predictions for this Sunday's Tony Awards!

BEST MUSICAL - Spring Awakening
This is pretty much a lock. Grey Gardens would come in a not-so-close second place.

A Chorus Line was great, but there weren't any new aspects to the show. It was like someone took the original stage notes and regurgitated them all over a new cast. Not to take anything away from the ensemble, but the show just isn't worthy of it.
110 In The Shade was also great, but wouldn't have been without Audra.

What he did with such a young green cast was nothing short of miraculous.
John Doyle would be my second choice for his recreation/orchestration of Company.

BEST SCORE - Duncan Shiek and Steve Sater
No contest.

BEST BOOK - Grey Gardens
The book to Spring Awakening was kinda the weakest part of the production. And the writers of Grey Gardens had to entirely invent a fictional first act to their second act that was based on a film. So I think they should win.

I would love for Jerry Mitchell to get recognized for Legally Blonde, but there were parts that were really over-done in the choreography department. And I didn't love Bill T Jones' choreography, but everyone else seemed to. So I think that's what will win.

Breathtaking. Enough said.

Disney at it's best. Absolutely incredible!

Have you seen the photos of Christine Ebersole from the Second Act? BRILLIANT.

LEADING ACTOR - Raul Esparza
Tough category. David Hyde Pierce is really well like and did a pretty good job with the show. But Esparza was sensational. Jonathan Groff was also great in Spring Awakening, but he's young and will get his chance another time.

LEADING ACTRESS - Christine Ebersole or Audra McDonald
I am truly torn. Audra was brilliant. BEYOND brilliant. Christine gave her career-defining performance. This one is really up in the air, and I am copping out by saying that I would be happy for either to win! ;)

He has been called the saving grace of the dudd show "LoveMusik"
I would love for John Gallagher Jr. to win, and he just may. But again he is so young. His character was phenomenal, but I have to think that the normal Tony voter would lean more towards Pittu.
And the fact that I can't even remember right now who else is nominated… I'm pretty sure I'm right that it will be one of these two.

FEATURED ACTRESS - Mary Louise-Wilson
For anyone to be able to hold their own opposite Christine Ebersole is award worthy. Her performance has been critically acclaimed this season as the one to beat.
The runner up would be Karen Ziemba, who was great, but forgettable.

BEST PLAY - Coast of Utopia
Because let's be honest, it was 3 plays. And from what I understand they were all meticulously done. Count on this show sweeping it's categories, like BEST DIRECTOR, LIGHTING DESIGN, COSTUMES, and SCENIC DESIGN.
If there's going to be an upset, it will go to Frost/Nixon. Which more voters saw in it's entirety as opposed to the nine hours of Utopia that I doubt all the voters saw.

The show closes five hours prior to the awards. It will be a bitter-sweet moment for them. Inherit the Wind and Talk Radio could be potential upsets, but I don't think it will happen.

BEST ACTOR PLAY - Frank Langella
No one else has gotten the kind of praise that his turn as President Nixon has received. Schreiber and Plummer were both great as well, but Langella really set himself apart over the last few months since the show's opening.

Yes, Angela Lansbury and Vanessa Redgrave are iconic. But both performances left reviewers and audiences kinda bored and not all that enthused. Julie White really deserves to win, and I think that her show had generated enough buzz that most voters will remember her as being a stand out to win.
I think she doesn't think so, so her speech should be really good!

I think Crudup and Hawke will split fans of Utopia. And I think the same will happen for Chisholm and Jelks from Radio Golf. My guess is that Stark Sands from Journey's End will walk away with this award.

Honestly I have no idea who will win. But I really liked Martha all those years ago in PARENTHOOD, so I'm voting for her. Plus, she won a Drama Desk, so she seems to be favored.
Well folks, there it is. My official predictions for the 2007 Tony Awards. Everyone watch (you can TiVo or DVR the finale of Sopranos if you still watch that show…) and let me know what you think!


Tidbits! (06/08/07)


July 17th is the release date for the soundtrack to Legally Blonde! Broadway.com was there at the recording and took some really awesome footage. Get a good look and listen to some of the best songs from the show here!

How adorable is Annaleigh Ashford (she was the very first blonde girl that sang on the video)? So cute! She was a big stand out for me in the show, so I think it's cool that the video really showcases her.
And Laura Bell (left) is amazing as well. I need to be friends with this cast… LOL
And good lord, Orfeh is ridiculous! The clip of "Bend & Snap"? I don't remember her wailing that hard in the show. It's just one of the pitfalls of seeing previews I suppose.
I love that Richard Blake makes a little joke about doing a "Blake [Lewis]" from American Idol. I don't think he's as funny as he thinks he is, except that was pretty good!
So now, after watching, don't you wanna race out and see Legally Blonde? I do!

From a Blake Lewis joke to the Joke of Season 4 of American Idol… Anthony Federov got a visit from Season 1 Runner-Up, Justin Guarini. Is it just me, or did Justin get old? Seriously, the little facial hair thing he's got going on is so not hot. Not that Justin is hot anyway. But he sure isn't doing himself any favors.

The New York Times confirmed this morning that Young Frankenstein will in fact be playing the Hilton Theater, with previews beginning October 11th and opening on November 8th.

Official casting hasn't been announced yet, but the Times keeps listing the same four Broadway stars in the lead roles: Roger Bart as Dr. Frankenstien; Shuler Hensley as The Monster; Megan Mullaly as Elizabeth; and Sutton Foster as Inga.

There had been talk before of Kristen Chenoweth playing Inga, but I'm guessing that her new ABC show "Pushing Daisies" premiering next fall is to blame for her not appearing in the show. If Sutton Foster truly is the second choice, she's a great one! I've never seen her do a role with this much caricature, but I'm sure she'll be fabulous!

Young Frankenstein is directed and choreographed by five-time Tony winner Susan Stroman. It will be playing an out-of-town tryout at Seattle's Paramount Theatre August 4th - September 1st.

Next season will also premiere a new work by David Mamet, November. The show is being directed by Joe Mantello, and while no official casting has been announced it is reported that Nathan Lane is slated to star. The last time Mantello and Lane worked together was in Neil Simon's The Odd Couple. They also worked together back in 1995 in Love! Valour! Compassion! by Terrence McNally.

Yesterday, Christine Ebersole and Erin Davie performed on Regis & Kelly. You can watch the video here.
So, everyone seems to think that Christine Ebersole has given the performance of her life and that she will walk away with the Tony award on Sunday. I haven't seen it yet, but maybe they're right. She does play two characters, and apparently the second one is CRAZY. Who knows… I still think that Audra really deserves it this year, even though it would be her 5th win. But Christine has won before as well. I think for the revival of 42nd Street? Anyway, it's only a few days now, and then we'll know!
Yesterday, I was walking to my subway stop after work and there was a big bus full of tourists pointing and taking pictures - of me! So I was really confused. I was thinking "Do I have something on me? What the hell is going on?!" Then I turned around, and there was Hulk Hogan. Phew! At least I didn't have toilet paper on my shoe.

Ok, that's all for today. I'm going to get my Tony Breakdown finished up to post by the end of the day.
Have a good one!