Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who's Having the Best Month Ever?

It's May, and it's the beginning of summer. We've had our first tastes of summer sun, first strolls through Central (or whichever) Park, and our first viewings of the year's most blockbusteriest films (I may have made that word up, but I like it :)

So let's say you're an actor, living in Los Angeles, and it's audition season. Your agent calls you up. You got an audition for the "Star Trek" reboot! You also got an audition for the "Terminator" reboot! Holy Shit!

And then, what what what? You book them both???

Probably sounds like an actor's wet dream. Because it is. And this year it happened for Anton Yelchin!

On May 5th, we saw him on the big screen as "Chekov" in the Star Trek reboot. F'reals, he was pretty flawless. The accent, the excitement... Perfection.

And then on May 21st we saw him AGAIN as "Kyle Reese" in the Terminator reboot. Now I don't really know a lot about that series or his characters importance (other than the obvious father of the prophet thing). I didn't have a lot of high expectation for the movie and ended up kinda loving it! Not purely because of him, but he was definitely a huge part of it.

A lot of people are talking about how Chris Pine is going to break out of the summer extravaganza as the star to watch. I don't disagree that he is someone to watch, but if you ask me? Anton Yelchin is going to be right up there with him.

He is DEFINITELY having the Best. Month. EVER.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate

So I don't pretend to be a huge fan of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8", but last night I watched the premiere of their new season and BOY was it AWKWARD.

I spent the majority of the episode ahh-ing how adorable those kids are, and the rest of it sqirming over J&K's interviews and limited interaction.

Things don't look all that great for the couple. Jon kept saying he was "there for the kids", but I'm sorry -- looks to me like homeboy has given up. And Kate seems to have become so bitter and resigned to her "disappointment" that she can't even look at her husband. SO AWKWARD!

Those poor kids. They're little, but they totally know something is up. Best moment of the night:

Ugh. Kinda heartbreaking.

I'm a realist and of the school of thought that when it's over, it's over. Pull the rip-cord and call it quits so that people can move on. But I secretly hope that these two can pull it together!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everything is Better With...

A Bag of Weed!!!

(LOL -- I DIE!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And Making Their Debut

Last night I got to head out with my besties to do a little graduation celebration!

No, I'm not graduating from anything. Either are my friends. Scotty's little sister Shanna and all of her adorable friends are though! So last night Scotty, Steve, and I jumped on the Staten Island Ferry to go see our girls.

It was a really fun night! It was a really small group of us. I think at the most we were 10. There was lots of beer pong (which normally I'm total crap at, but shockingly kinda rocked at last night) and our new favorite game: Drunk Jenga!

Drunk Jenga is just like normal Jenga, except they've written things on the pieces.

"Pick a friend and drink for ten seconds"

"Take a shot"

"Go 2 more times"

And the most important: "Add to the Cup"

Just like in King's Cup, there is one central cup that eventually the loser will chug. In Kings, it's the person who draws the final King. In Drunk Jenga, it's the bitch who knocks the tower over!

So fun - You can't wait to play with us! ;)

While we were celebrating our girls debut to "real life" (remember how easy college was? le sigh) another group of youngsters were making their debut on FOX.

"Glee" made it's premiere last night! Did you see it?

I raved about it a while back, and I've got to say -- I think I enjoyed it a lot more this second (and third and fourth) time around! They cleaned up some of the editing, re-paced a couple of sections. All in all great improvements that made me love it more than I already had. Which was not an easy thing to do :)

In case you didn't watch, he's a couple of snippets from the show. Watch them, and then I dare you to not go watch the pilot here.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kris Allen: "Heartless"

Want more American Idol videos? Click here.

Let's Be Honest...

Christian Bale is one of the (if not THE) hottest men. Like, ever.

No? Don't agree?

Do you still not agree? Come on...

Really? The things I would do.....
Wrecks me. Check out the interview and slide show at!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kinda 'Lost' As To What's Next

If you're a LOST watcher, I can't imagine you didn't see last nights finale. But if you missed it for whatever reason, like maybe you were hit by a bus or on an airplane that got pulled onto a mystical island by some mega-magnetic anomally, you might not want to continue reading this!

They actually did the unthinkable.

Jack & Crew (well, mostly Juliet) blew up the freakin' island!

So now the plane never crashes on the island, because the force that would pull it there has been (we are to believe) destroyed. But how can there be a final season of LOST if there isn't an island???

Here's what I'm thinking...

First of all, there are some mega-bummers. Like the fact that Faraday will never be born because his prego mother just blew up.

Desmond will never have Penny, because Charles was also on the island. Sadness :(

When I got to think about it though, I decided that the possibilities could be really awesome. We have seen so many storylines evolve into wonderful relationships. I mean, tell me you didn't cry when Juliet got sucked down the well! So, let's assume now that the bomb worked and the plane never crashes. Do the people that found each other on the island still find each other if it never happens??

Enter the final season.

Kate is going to jail. Jack is going to bury his father. How in the hell are they going to cross paths and fall in love if Kate isn't free and Jack, well, isn't the incumbent hero? How will they know they're soulmates if they never get to team up to save their friends?

And who knows where Juliet will be. Will she have ever left her sister to try to impregnate the island's inhabitants if the island is a nuclear wasteland? And if she never goes there, how will she ever cross paths with Sawyer? Perhaps he will try his con on her... I mean, she's a hot successful doctor aka has money. Will she fall for his con, and him?

As sad as I am that Daniel won't be around, we could have Claire and Charlie back. I loved their relationship! But if they don't crash, will Charlie kick his heroine addiction, and will Claire give the would-be Aaron up for adoption before going back home to Australia?

And Libby could still be alive too! Would Hurley and Libby find each other in the alternate reality and be happy together?!

Ah! So many possibilities!

Of course, knowing LOST the way I do, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the final season throws us more serious curveballs. I actually kind of expect it. Come on, if they can nukr the island they can do freaking ANYTHING.

What do you think they'll do in the final season???

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RiRi + GaGa = Me Dancing In My Seat

What do you get when you cross



You get a track destined for the top of every summer playlist!

Silly Boy - Rihanna ft Lady Gaga

Eat your heart out, Chris Brown :-)

(Thanks to PopWrap for finding this leaked track! I can't wait to get home to download it!)