Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are you watching?

So last week on SYTYCD we got our final 10. I had predicted 8 of 10, so I was pretty darn pleased with myself. Sabra and Dominic are both still around, which I didn't initially predict. Sabra is quickly becoming one of my favorites, so I totally missed the boat on that one. But I don't like Dominic and don't think he should be there. Hok totally got jipped!

The guest judge for the week was Mia, so I was bummed initially because the guest judges don't get to choreograph routines for the show. But they do get to choreograph a group number for the results show... I think I was more excited for this than I was for the results!

God Bless Mia Michaels.

And Danny Tidwell, too! (PS- I don't care if he is arrogant; He is AMAZING and I love him!)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Can I get an AMEN!

(Thanks, Jeremiah!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rick & Steve: Like Every Gay I Know

I'm sorry, but I just can't get enough of this! These lego-men could be based on any number of my friends…. LOL

A New Approach to Threesomes

Gay Couples Therapy

What Dreams May Come... And Go...

Even Lesbians are Funny... I guess...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Must Love Dogs!

This weekend was the Broadway Barks festival over in the Schubert Alley. So I didn't actually get to attend it because I was working at the Fresh Fruit Festival down in Greenwich Village (which was not quite as much fun as I had hoped it would be...) but I did catch the photos from the event on my various Broadway sites (aka: my drug of choice!).
Is it just me, or is a guy just so much hotter when he has a dog? Perhaps it gives him a more earthly and ruffian quality. You know, that whole "man with beast" thing...

Or maybe it's that you know that a guy with a dog has the capacity to be caring and kind, and seeing him with his pooch perhaps make you yearn for the same affectionate attention.

Whatever it is, HOT GUY + DOG = FUNNY IN THE TUMMY!

Do demonstrate my point, I've included a few photos of favorite leading man, Raul Esparza.

Friday, July 13, 2007

On The Verge of Ten

We're almost down to the final 10 dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance". Next week, one couple will be dismissed by the judges from America's bottom three, and then the fate of the five remaining couples will be purely in the hands of the voters.

The lack of judge's input could prove to be fateful for two of the judges' favorites: Anya and Danny. While they are both phenomenal dancers, it seems that America just isn't loving them because they both keep ending up in the bottom three. Is it because Anya is foreign? I doubt it; I mean, foreign works for Pasha...

Might I guess that it has more to do with the fact that Danny comes off as an arrogant A-hole? Hmmm....

Somethings gotta give with those two, because the judges will no longer be able to save them from the voters after next week.

Here are a couple of highlights from this week!

My favorite couple is still Lacey & Kameron. She is by FAR the best girl in the competition; I don't think there is anything she can't do! I think Kameron is one of the weaker remaining boys; He has nothing on Danny or Neil's technique. But I think that America, like myself, can't get over how charming and HOT the boy is! This week they drew the hustle, and the choreographer gave them a New York Hustle, which is actually a dance that I studied in my extensive ballroom curriculum. The routine was great, and they were wonderful!

Lacey & Kameron

While I can see why Danny and Anya may not have the most appealing personas, they are RIDICULOUS dancers. Danny is professionally trained with world class ballet technique. Just watch his leaps!

Anya & Danny

In looking at the people who could be named the Final 10 next week, I realize that I am only missing one of the people that I had originally placed in my predicted Final 10 - Jessi. She was sent packing last week after being ill and not performing well in her 30 seconds to save her life.

If I had to guess, it would be Anya that I would place in the Top 10 in her stead.

But only time will tell… Tune in next Wednesday to…


Thursday, July 12, 2007


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Buck, of "What The Buck?!"

He is one of those uber-trendy video bloggers that are so hot right now. But unlike others who VB, he is actually funny!

He's a 20-something gay guy with more energy than a chihuahua on crack, which is not normally all that appealing. But there is just something about Buck…. I'm not sure if it's his wit, or those seriously hot teal frames, I just know that I like him WAY better than "Ask A Gay Guy" V.B.er, William Sledd.

You should go subscribe to him. It's a great way to kill time when your job sucks and you either have nothing to do or no motivation to tackle the HUGE binder full of old reconciliation reports that someone else should have done well over a year ago and didn't and now the buck has passed to you…

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HOT 100... PLUS ONE?

Last week I diligently sought out who I felt were the hottest 100 guys for an albeit trendy summer posting, wittingly called "The HOT 100".
And then, today, I stumbled across an article about the upcoming film "10,000 B.C." starring Steven Strait on my new favorite Online Gay Bible, AfterElton.com.
I feel the need to make an adjustment to my list. As you can see, I failed to remember the VERY hot Steven Strait in the rankings. In case you don't know who he is, here are some photos from the film "The Covenant". If you didn't see the movie, I'd recommend renting it. It's not very good, but GOOD LORD! The Boys are H-A-W-T!

I don't know that I could replace anyone on the original list, so I am asking you to simply look beyond the limitations of quota, and accept that my Hot 100 is now only loosely so...

The things we do for pretty people.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rick & Steve: The New Gays on the Block

There have been plenty of cartoons that have given us gay characters: "Queer Duck"; "Sponge Bob Square Pants"; the teacher on "South Park"; Marge's lesbian sister on "The Simpsons" and other numerous characters in multiple gay themed episodes; we even have a questionably flamboyant baby on "Family Guy". But I don't think any are even as close to hitting true "gay humor" on the head like LOGO's new comedy "Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All The World".

Here's what the review from AfterElton.com had to say...

The eponymous Rick (voiced by Will Matthews) and Steve (voiced by Peter Paige) of the title live in "the gayest of gay ghettos," West Lahunga Beach — just one of the show's many double entendres. West Lahunga is the kind of place where lesbian and gay people are so common that they feel completely free to be themselves.

Rick is 30, brainy, Filipino-American, and a self-described insatiable bottom who keeps house for the couple in their modest bungalow. Proving the maxim that opposites attract (and occasionally that oil and water don't mix) Steve proves to be quite different from his significant other.

A 33-year-old gym bunny, Steve's hotness is widely acknowledged by all and, even though he isn't terribly bright, he still manages to make good money as a real estate agent. He's also a versatile top interested in three-ways, a topic of conversation that frequently comes up in a show that is refreshingly and unapologetically upfront about its characters' sexualities and desires.

Indeed, the creators of Rick & Steve operate under the principle of unapologetic frankness most of the time, not worrying what straight viewers might think of the show or that any of their characters will be taken as a representative of the entire gay community. It's a refreshing change that allows the creators to poke fun at elements of gay life without fear of being politically incorrect.

I've seen a few clips, and am now plotting to convince my sister to record it every week so that I can watch it…

Look into it… It's Fantastic!
This video clip is the first five minutes of the Series Premiere, in which you'll meet the six main characters: Rick, Steve, Kirsten, Dana, Chuck, and Evan.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Locked Inside!

I have a very attractive neighbor. He's tall, fit, has dark hair with a little grey in at the front, and had green eyes. He lives in Apartment 3A, which is right down the hall from me. I've seen him a few times, exchanged a few hello's here and there, but nothing more than that.

Until Now...

I sometimes get drunk.

Very. Very. Drunk.

Friday night falls into that category. So much so that I don't remember leaving the party I was at, getting in a cab, speaking to a friend on the phone, getting into my apartment building, climbing the stairs, or stumbling into my apartment to strip down and pass out on my couch. I've had nights like that before, but not in a very, very long time.

So I woke up on Saturday with what I'm sure you can imagine was a truly heinous hangover. My head was throbbing and my body ached from the combined effects of dehydration and contortionistic sleeping. I missed the train I was supposed to be taking out to the country, so I called my sister to inform her of my little situation.

"I feel like shit. I'm not coming til later because I need to pass out again."

She understood. So I went back to sleep for a few more hours.

I woke up at 1:30 p.m. and got myself showered, watered, and fed. It was finally time to leave my apartment so I began getting my stuff together.

Cell Phone: Check!
Wallet: Check!
Beach Bag: Check!
Keys: ...

Keys: ...

Uh oh. No keys.

So I tore my apartment apart. I knew that they were somewhere inside of my apartment. After all, I was inside my apartment, and that would not be possible if my keys weren't there as well.

So I tore my bed, my couch, my laundry basket, and my closet apart. NO KEYS.

Then I think, "OMG, what if I left them in the door?!"

So I go to my front door and, like a good New Yorker, my door is locked. But it won't unlock. I try and try, and it is completely stuck. And so am I inside my apartment. From shaking the door to try and get it open, I knew my keys were there - I could hear them rattling.

So what was I going to do? My first thought was to call the Sushi take-out restaurant around the corner and have them deliver something and unlock my door on their arrival. But then I thought that would be too embarrassing, and I was on my way out and didn't want to pay for any food.

Then I thought, "I'll just go down the fire escape and start ringing my neighbors until someone lets me in." Then I looked at the ladder on the fire escape and realized I had no idea how to use it, and there are no instructions. I was not about to jump down, so I officially hit PANIC.

I went back to the door thinking maybe if I kept trying the lock would unstick. As I'm doing this I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. And I think "I'll just get someones attention! I'm saved!"

And who is that comes out of the stairwell? Why, it's none other than my super cute neighbor.

And I hesitate... I can't look like a fool in front of him! It would ruin any chance of him falling in love with me when we pass each other on the stairs because now I'd be "that boy who locks himself inside his own g.d. apartment"!!!

And then I think of remaining stuck inside... and so I knock on my door really loudly. I'm looking through my peep whole, so I see him stop and look.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" I say.

He still just stands there. So I continue "Hi, I'm on the other side of this door... I know this sounds crazy, but, um, can you help me? I think my keys are in my door..."

So he walks over and sees my keys and says "Oh yeah, there's keys in here. Do you want them?"

"Actually, if you could just unlock the door and open it....?"

So my pseudo stairwell crush opens my door, and there I am, blushing furiously I'm sure.

"Haha, thanks. Thanks so much. Really"

I'm such an idiot. He made some joke about how it's better to be locked in than locked out, which I'm sure wouldn't have been funny a) if he knew that they had been there all night long while I was passed out and alone in my apartment; and b) if I wasn't so embarrassed and had actually heard what he had said through my buzzing hangover/embarrassed haze!

So I left quickly. I haven't seen him since. But I am thinking that I should give him some sort of thank you, you know? Like a plate of cookies and a note.

Or maybe just a note. It's too damn hot here to do any baking.

"Dear Neighbor,

Thanks for rescuing me the other day. You're my Knight in shining armor!
Your hugely embarrassed and slightly In-Love neighbor in Apt 3E,


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hot 100

So, I decided last week that I wanted to do a HOT 100 LIST. And I spent alot of time putting together this slide show with all my picks.

But then this morning I couldn't figure out how to upload it to youtube. So I'm just posting this list as a slightly pathetic alternative.

Can you imagine? After all that time spent googling the hottest men... Browsing through countless images to pick one to best represent each and every hottie.

Life is so hard.

1) George Clooney
2) Christian Bale
3) Jason Lewis
4) Hugh Jackman
5) Daniel Craig
6) Tom Welling
7) Chris Daughtry
8) Bradley Cooper
9) Brad Pitt
10) Clive Owen
11) Ryan Reynolds
12) David Beckham
13) Eric Dane
14) Julian McMahon
15) Milo Ventimiglia
16) Patrick Wilson
17) Jason Statham
18) Gale Harold
19) Jake Gyllenhaal
20) Vin Diesel
21) Jeremy Piven
22) Nate Berkus
23) Jonathan Rhys Meyers
24) David Boreanaz
25) Patrick Dempsey
26) Logan Marshall-Green
27) Sean Maher
28) Mark Wahlberg
29) Justin Timberlake
30) Adrian Pasdar
31) Tom Ford
32) Fred Savage
33) Chris Evans
34) Nathan Fillion
35) Chris O’Donnell
36) Daniel Carter
37) Jesse Metcalfe
38) Howie Michael Smith
39) Gabriel Macht
40) Sean Palmer
41) Joaquin Phoenix
42) Alexandre Despatie
43) Matthew Bomer
44) Robert Gant
45) Prince William
46) Jude Law
47) Adam Levine
48) Brandon Routh
49) Wentworth Miller
50) Bobby Cannavale
51) Robbie Williams
52) Matthew Cusick
53) Ryan Phillippe
54) Christopher Sieber
55) Jerry Mitchell
56) Leonardo Dicaprio
57) Dermot Mulroney
58) Mark Ruffalo
59) Robert Downey Jr.
60) Liev Schrieber
61) Paul Walker
62) Johnny Knoxville
63) Billy Crudup
64) Dean Cain
65) Matthew McConaghey
66) Blair Underwood
67) Simon Baker
68) Raul Esparza
69) Michael Phelps
70) Taye Diggs
71) Sean Faris
72) Luke Wilson
73) Dane Cook
74) Colin Farrell
75) Ricky Martin
76) Chris Klein
77) Matthew Fox
78) Anderson Cooper
79) Simon Cowell
80) Mario Lopez
81) Peter Krause
82) Neil Patrick Harris
83) Keith Urban
84) James Marsden
85) Jensen Ackles
86) Kameron Bink
87) Jonathan Groff
88) Cheyenne Jackson
89) Kevin Zegers
90) Christopher Carrabba
91) Christian Campbell
92) John Krasinski
93) Matt Dallas
94) Jake Shears
95) Daniel Radcliffe
96) Bobby Flay
97) Gavin Lee
98) Hugh Dancy
99) Adam Brody
100) Robin Thicke

Have a nice day!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Tidbits! July 1st Weekend

Happy July, everyone! You know what this means: we are officially getting closer to CHRISTMAS! I'm such a queen... I love Christmas!!!

It was a nice weekend here. On Friday night I went to see the musical "Grey Gardens". The show was completely fantastic. Act One was a little bit slow, but the music was so pretty that I really didn't mind all that much. Plus, this isn't a show you see for the first Act.

Act Two is a straight adaptation of the film documentary of the Ladies Beale. It covers the time that Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter "Little Edie" spend living in squawler, creating the concept of "cat ladies".

The second act is artistically brilliant. And MY GOD Christine Ebersole is enchanting. I know I said many times before that I didnt' think she was going to with the Tony this year and that it would go to Audra for "110". Many people told me I was wrong.

And had I seen this show prior to the awards, I would have put my money on her! You can balance a pin on the tone of her voice. And her transformation of Mother to Daughter is magical in it's complete complexity!

In short - LOVED IT. It's a pity that shows like this (and COMPANY) don't last that long in the theater world. GG will be closing at the end of this month.

Saturday was great. I went to MoMA, which took me almost six hours to get through. And I didn't even stop to look at everything. A lot of the art I just wasn't that into. Like some of Picasso's stuff is just plain frightening. NO BUENO. I'm much more a fan of VanGogh, Claude Monet, and Georges-Pierre Seurat. Seurat is probably overall my favorite artist that was on exhibit. Monet's "Reflection of Clouds on a Lily Pond" was also incredibly impressive. It is by far the largest work of art I have ever seen.

But of course the highlight of the day was standing in front of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh. I've grown up seeing so many posters and pictures, and hearing songs based on that work. But do be right there in front of the actual thing was phenomenal!
So after the museum I caught a movie with a friend. We saw "Evening" which boasts an incredible cast. And incredible they are. But the movie itself? I'm sorry, but not even the best acting in the world could save the chaotic script that is probably best presented in an 800 page novel.

By far, the best thing in the film was the performance by Hugh Dancy as "Buddy". The character contributes the films underlying gay themes in a completely heartbreaking yet not BrokeBack sort of way. For this performance alone I would say to rent it when it comes out!

Oh, and Patrick Wilson is in it too, which also puts it up there in my recommendations. He's so damn dreamy. And as Meryl Streep's character says, "We're all in love with him".

Yesterday was pretty low key. Did some exploring in the neighborhood. Had a phenomenal Florentine Burger at Big Nick's. Seriously, best burger I've EVER had.

While I was laying low this weekend in the city, my family was enjoying some beach time in CT. Here's the cutest picture of Jack and Lexi. Lexi is one of two Maltese owned by Jack's Auntie Jo. You can see the other puppy behind... That's Hudson. They're great dogs, but before now have wisely avoided Jack. Apparently they are more comfortable with him now!
Tonight I'm meeting with the director of the Fresh Fruit Festival, an LGBT Theater Festival that I'm going to be volunteering with over the next month. I don't really know what's in store yet, but I've got to make some friends that share my enthusiasm for the arts, and this seems like a good place to start looking!

Have a nice day!