Friday, November 30, 2007

Man of the Moment - Zachary Quinto

I can already hear my dear dear friend J groaning from all the way back in Salt Lake City. But the truth is folks - as creepy as he seems, and as big as those eyebrows are - Zachary Quinto is one Sexy SonofaBitch!

He's got a long resume with a bunch of big TV shows on it like "So NoTORIous", "Charmed", "Six Feet Under", "24"... oh, and that other one... oh ya, "Heroes"! So I'm the first to admit that "Heroes" is often a little hard to stay interested in. But anytime his character Sylar is on it, it's got my full attention!

Especially when he is so focused on being evil that he forgets to put clothes on...

My new very good friend, Page Six, also just filled me in on the fact that Mr. Quinto apparently frequents one of the gay bars here in NYC. I don't know for sure, but from looking around online it seems to be the consensus that Zack is, in fact, a homosexual.
Now, I'm not one to listen too intently to rumors. But there are photos out there that lend to the theory. (For the record, I'm pretty sure this was a still from a TV show...)
He also apparently does a little bit of modeling, which I've deduced from these photos...
I would never really say the boy is High Fashion, but whatever. He's hot. And for this blog, that is all that matters...
So here's to you, Zack - See you at B-Bar!


This photo (source) showed up on a blog that I sometimes go to. Usually the blog is all about the hot guys (it's not as trashy as it sounds...) but I guess they decided to deviate just a bit for this...

I'm not going to say that Heath Ledger isn't hot. Except, Heath Ledger isn't hot. Manly, and easily perceived as "sexy". But hot? Not so much.

Especially in this photo. CREEPY!!!

On a similar note - magazine covers means we're getting closer to the release of "The Dark Knight" - which means more Christian Bale!

You know what else we could use more of?


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reciprocation of Rights

As a point of reference, everything that I am about to say revolves around this link:

BriTunes is a blog that my very best friend, B, keeps to put his (many) opinions out into the world. It's very funny, especially if you are lucky enough to know B.

So he posted a list of characters on TV that he hates (see link above). It's a post that I actually encouraged while we were watching "Ugly Betty". He hates Betty's dad (who bugs me as well) so when he said he'd been thinking about doing a TOP TEN type list of people, I thought it would be funny.

And it was. Is.


I posted a comment on his blog about the post - that's what friends do. It went like this...

"1- "Furiate" is not a word. I believe what you are looking for is "Infuriate"…
2- "Caricature"… not "charictature"
3- Paige has DIABETES! Heartless…
4- "makes me want to take a shower and an STD test" - BILLIANT LOL
5- Being a "know it all" sort of goes hand in hand with providing omnipresent narration, don't you think?
6- And "just cuz" ranks right up there with "because I said so"… NEITHER are actual reasons!
7- "shutta up yo mouth" Wow, really? Really?
8- I don't think I hate Bindi Irwin. Although, after seeing that picture, I'm bordering on terrified.
9- I too can hear DC Doug saying there are too many ethnic people… lol
10- A man who narrows down people he hates to include 20% children has some pretty serious issues.
That's just how I feel. And that has to be enough.
DISCLAIMER: This comment was meant in no way to be mean-spirited. Caustic? Perhaps. But I accept the accusation with a knowing grin ;0)"

Within minutes of posting the comment, I was informed that I was a horrible friend.

"You suck. Stuff like that is just rude and sarcastic." (copied from the message I received informing me I had been deleted)

Am I crazy - Or wasn't the nature of that ENTIRE post rude and sarcastic? And for someone who argues his opinions with "just cuz", shouldn't I be allowed to state my own opinions without having to justify them?? It all just smells a bit too much like hypocrisy.

And just to preemptively rebut what I know is coming: the first point in my comment was to clarify whether the word was part of his "ghetto speak" or truly a typo; and the second point was in fact pointing out a spelling error. I guess correcting someone is rude. Though I don't see it that way.

So there it is. What was once censored is now back in existence.

I encourage everyone to respond. And I won't delete what you have to say.

I promise.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Man of the Moment - David Sutcliffe

Last week on "Private Practice", a woman who had recently lost her husband "in the line of duty" was scheduled to give birth at the Oceanside Clinic. The story line was pretty emotional and carried some really great moments and blah blah blah.

The great part of the story line was that it introduced us to Addison's new love interest. I don't know his name, but I know that his real name is David Sutcliffe. K and I were hanging out and watching dinner when it aired last week, and we both had to stop what we were doing when he walked on the screen.

I don't know that I would have remembered him all that clearly for the post from just that appearance. But then Saturday night I was in Connecticut and it was late and I was channel surfing - and there he was again! This time, getting it on with Antonio Sabato, Jr.

David has a really long resume, including regular roles on a few TV shows (I can already hear B - "He was on Gilmore Girls!"...) and a few big movies, like "Master and Commander".

When his hair is long, he kind of has that whole "young Russell Crowe" thing going on.
He's wearing it short now, with a little stubble. Which is by far the hotter of the looks...

So there he is folks - David Sutcliffe - this week's Man of the Moment!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Catch Up

And we're back!

For a while there I was able to get in a new post almost every day. Then I got slammed at work - SLAH-AMMED!

I finally had a moment to breathe this afternoon, so thought I'd take this time to catch ya'll up on what's been going on in my world.

Which, now that I'm thinking about it, is a whole lot of nothing.

Last weekend I was supposed to be hanging out with my dad, but I got stood up. His business trip to DC got cancelled last second, which pretty much flushed that weekend down the drain for me. Not that I stayed indoors feeling sorry for myself - I ended up going out to Stamford with B and his BF which was a lot of fun. Sunday I did stay indoors, but was too distracted by a Top Model marathon (don't judge - that show is addicting) to feel bad about the fact I had no Dad. And I mean "have no Dad" in an immediate, spacial sense.

Two Wednesday's ago I hunkered down and watched the 2007 CMA Awards with my buddy Brad. I used to be a huge country music fan. I still like it, but definitely much less since moving out of those Rocky Mountain highs. I walked away feeling two things:

1- Who are the stylists working in that industry? Cuz they should be shot...

2- I am in love with Carrie Underwood.

Let's see, what else has gone on...

I met Mary Testa, who is currently starring in Xanadu on Broadway. Which I haven't seen. But I did see her a number of years ago in 42nd Street and I really adore her. You know what I don't adore? How awful I look in this picture of us...

That same night I got in some good hanging out time with the gang. David and Kim in particular. This picture is much better, and I feel it redeems me a little from the previous one.

Family Matters

About a month ago, my sister learned that my nephew's eyes are really bad. REALLY BAD. I believe his eyes are at +5.5 and +6.5, left and right respectively. His right eye is a little crossed, so they're going to be doing a patch at some point in the future to correct that as well. She felt awful for him. I think he looks stinkin' ADORABLE.

He called to tell me all about them. He's very excited about seeing better, and is really into to wearing "the blue ones, just like Nano"!

My sister's street lost a tree last week. The tree will be appearing this winter at Rockefeller Plaza. She called me and was really excited. It is the biggest thing to happen in Huntington since the Arts and Crafts Fair a few months back. Which was lame.

B's getting a new apartment, K's still waiting to hear about her Visa status, and my sister's father-in-law had a birthday.

Tuesday night was the birthday dinner, so K and I trained out to Darien. The birthday boy isn't doing well, and isn't expected to live all that much longer. I was nervous going out there as it was the first time I'd be seeing him since the terminal diagnosis.

Anyway, dinner was awesome at the Melting Pot and everything was normal. Until the end when my sister's mother-in-law pulled me aside to ask me a question...

HER: I need ask you something personal...
ME: Absolutely. What's up?
HER: crying Will you sing for [my husband]?
ME: pause You mean, like, tonight?
HER: No. When he dies! At his funeral. Will you sing?
ME: forcing myself not to break down Of course! You don't even have to ask...

It's hard to know how to react to being asked to sing at a funeral for a man who is sitting across the table from you, laughing and conversing. The whole situation is completely heartbreaking. I kept it together until I reached the train platform to head back into NYC. Then I lost it and had to hide my face in my scarf the entire way home to muffle my sobs.

Something to look forward to I guess :0(

This weekend my eldest sister is coming out to visit, and I am very excited to see her. She'll be spending most of her time in CT with my sister, but we'll get some good time together regardless.

Hope everyone is doing well, and have an awesome weekend!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Man of the Moment - Chris Lowell

It's Friday! Which means that it's time to say goodbye to last weeks Man of the Moment, Tuc Watkins, and say hello to this weeks featured man-candy: Chris Lowell.
No, not the uber-gay designer - that's Christopher Lowell.

You may know Chris from "Veronica Mars" or "Life As We Know It". To be honest I had never seen him before he started his current gig on ABC's "Private Practice".

Last year, on the Grey's finale that introduced the spin-off, he showed up as the receptionist/eye-candy at the Oceanside Clinic that Addison visits, and then eventually begins to work at. His name is William Parker. But call him "Dell".

He's an aspiring mid-wife, which seems like a pretty odd choice for the hot California boy who surfs on his lunch breaks. But Chris makes it believable. The character is pretty and young, but also uncharacteristically sensitive and kind. Not to pigeon-hold attractive straight men as emotionally defunct pricks... but let's be honest here: we wouldn't say such things if they weren't just a little bit true!

This week he really stood out to me on the show. He came to the defense of a little girl who was being abused, and when he was questioned about his motives for intervening, he responded "Because I that's how I was. Back Then..."

Even the good looking ones have "a past". Le sigh - my heart goes out to you, Dell!
I mean... Chris!

Duck, Duck, Nascar

My nephew, Jack, is only two, but definitely old enough to speak for himself. He'll tell you what he does and does not like to eat. He'll let you know when he needs to use the bathroom and says "please" and "thank you".

He also picks out his own clothes, socks, and shoes. And this year, much to my brother-in-law's chagrin, he picked out his own costume - "Little Duckie"

My bro tried desperately to convince him that being Spiderman, a Nascar driver, or a hockey player were MUCH cooler costumes.

But "Little Duckie" is what his heart was set on. And seriously, I know I'm a little biased, but - How adorable is he?!

Oh, and don't worry about my bro - he still got his Nascar Driver! Jake's the best dog ever...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's only Thursday? Really??

My body feels like it should be Friday. Scratch that - it needs to be the weekend.

Or better yet, the start of a long weekend. Or a week of vacation.

I need a break, ya'll.

This week has sort of kicked my ass. Monday I went to a show, which you can read about in "God is in the Hizzle, Yo!"

Tuesday night, one of Jo's clients was sponsering an art exhibition by Andy Summers, the guitarist from The Police. You remember them, right? The event was held down at the Milk Gallery in the Meatpacking District, which is a seriously awesome space. The crowd was quitessential New York chic. Models, rockers, editors, random people with obvious money. And me - who doesn't fit into any of the above categories. I just happen to know some of the right people :0) So the exhibit was a photo-journal of the band's tours/escapades from 1980-83. Which made me feel far too young to be in attendance, seeing as I wasn't born until the final year being exploited. Regardless, the night was amazing. Great people, great people-watching, and All-You-Can-Drink Mojito's.

Last night was, of course, Halloween. So normally I boycott the holiday. It's by far my LEAST favorite of the annual occasions that require celebration. I don't really have a reason for not liking it more than "I just don't like it", so try not to dwell on the reasons for it...

K (for Kiwi!) decided that it would be fun to attend a masquerade ball down in the East Village. So I gave in and agreed to go, and dragged B along for the ride. Since I'm not really into the holiday, I hadn't prepped any sort of costume. So I ended up just buying a cape and a mask and figured that would be appropriate for the event.

As it turns out, I could've gotten away with a whole lot less, like this fella that B's dancin' all up on.

The party was completely random. Like any East Village evening, the crowd was completely ecclectic in age, orientation, and ethnicity. We even met a Maori!
(Ok, so really he was chinese, but the costume was pretty cool...)

We got our Astral Portraits done, which hit kinda close to home, but not in a good way...

Shook up the dance floor...
And met some new people!

I think B made the most "new friends". I know that bird boy and the sailor sure took a liking to him ;0)

We left the party around 12:30 am. K and I headed up to HK to visit a good friend who was stuck bartending. B didn't join us and instead headed home. Surprising alone, which means that I think I lost a bet and now owe someone some $$ (haha)

While our friend was finishing up his shift, K and I, in all our drunken wonder, entertained ourselves by posing with a pole and some random decorations in the back area of the bar.

Good times were had by all!

And now this morning, those good times are being felt - by every muscle in my body. The bright side is that I have no plans tonight. Which is fantastic - I very well may go to sleep after work and not wake up until tomorrow! Afterall, the weekend is nearly upon us, and I can't very well be tired for that ;)