Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's What You Get for Scratching

I feel like I live my life like most people. I get up every morning and try to make it to work on time. I stay [mostly] diligent during the day and get my work done. I eat well, I work out, I don't overspend on things I don't need. I get the recommended hours of sleep per night for a guy my age. I feel like everything that I do is being done by most people my age in my same situation.

We're getting through.

But lately? It's getting harder to just get through. I'm feeling the onset of what I've come to regard as the 2-year Itch.

Let me give you some background...

When I was younger, I played soccer. I played for two seasons and got an Itch. So on I moved to Karate. I did that for one year, got right up to Brown Belt (about a month before I would've hit Black Belt) and got an Itch. And quit. On I went to singing and dancing. Did that for three years. Got an Itch. Started doing competitive Ballroom. Did that for a few years. Got an Itch. Went to college to study pre-Med. Got an Itch. Switched colleges to become a dance major. Got an Itch. Took a job teaching arts to kids. Got an Itch. Tried to start a magazine. Got broke... which is different, but the Itch would've happened eventually. Moved to downtown SLC to just live and be free! Got an Itch...

Are you seeing the trend?

That last time, the itch was SO bad that I decided to pick up my entire existence and move to England. I'm not exaggerating - on Monday I thought "I should try being a nanny overseas" and by Friday I had accepted a job working on the British coast as an Au Pair.

We all know that didn't really work out, but it ended up being the best thing that's ever happened to me because it landed me here in New York City.


But it's been about a year and a half. And as if Fate has me living in a revolving door -- I'm getting an Itch.

I don't mean to complain. I have a great life with great friends. I see great theater and dance and movies. I vacation all over the world (Is it time to go to Italy yet???) and have a summer share in a gorgeous house one block from the beach on Fire Island.

Life. Is. Good.

But I'm itchy, friends. And it's really becoming prominent in my daily processes.

I spent two hours the other day looking for somewhere new to live. Do I want to move? No. I like my roomie, and I like my space. But I was Itching and thought maybe that scratch could help. All it really ended up doing for me is making me wish I made more money -- which lead me to another Itchy spot.

I like my job. It's not super-fulfilling and it's definitely not what I thought I would be doing with my life. But it pays well. And I like my boss. And I like the people that I work with. AND IT PAYS WELL. And now it's making me Itchy... Am I getting complacent? Will I hide from my dreams behind my bank account, which for the first time in my life is never in default?


And my Itch laughs... "What will you do? Which of your dreams do you pursue next? What will you be naive and stupid enough to sacrifice all you've got to try your hand at?!"

And it's here my friends that my Itch begins to become my Wound.

So okay. My life's not exactly how I had pictured. There are things that I need to change.

But I've got time, right? I can still pick a direction, a goal, a different apartment, or a life-long dream in a year.

When something has changed.

When it's easier.


Friday, April 25, 2008

If I Won the Lottery

Last night I was flipping between the Jazz/Rockets game (sad face) and my normal thursday night tv shows when I came across a news story about a small family who just won an instant lottery. The prize was $3,000,000 - paid out over 30 years at $100,000 per year.

So if you break that down, after taxes you're looking at an extra $60,000 to $65,000 per year (I'm guessing here on the tax rates based on the fact that the government rapes my yearly bonus by upwards of 30%)

What would I do with that kind of money?

1) Move Downtown!

So I like where I live and I'm comfortable and all that jazz -- but with the extra income I could be in a much nicer place, living alone, in a neighborhood like Greewich Village on a tree lined street with maybe even a view of the Hudson. Le Sigh... someday!

2) Family Vacation!

I'm a family man - what can I say? I'd get the whole family together in Florida for a week at Disney World. I'd rent out sick suites for everyone - everything would be on me! Ya, I love my family that much :o)

3) A big foreign trip for myself

I love to travel. There's something exhilarating about throwing yourself into a culture completely unfamiliar and different from all that you know... So I'd want to take at least one month - I'm not sure where I'd go -- but my top 3 destinations would be the French Riviera, Thailand, or an African Safari. Or maybe I'd start in Thailand, go on safari, and then wind down in the French Riviera... And I'd of course take someone along with me - most likely my sister, but who knows... anyone else want to call dibs?

Surprisingly, I can't think of anything else off the top of my head that would jump to the top of my list. I mean, there's little things... like stocking my kitchen with the best utensils and appliances, buying lots of candy for Brian, revamping the wardrobe, getting lots of ColdStone, hiring a personal trainer to help me work off all that ColdStone, etc. etc.

So I put it to you, dear friend:

If you won the lottery - what would you do?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know, it's been forever since I've put anything up on here. But ya'll, I got busy at work! Like crazy busy where I'm pulling long hours and have almost teared up on a couple occasions. One of the great things about my job is that I'm supposed to have the down time I need to blog, shop online, watch my tv shows, and what not... and I went form plenty to ZIP.

But things will get better - they have to get better! - and I've actually got a few minutes to do a very quick recap of what's been going on in my world.

1- I went to Costa Rica. It was absolutely phenomenal. Some of the most brilliant moments included:

A parrot that scared the crap out of me when I was walking by it's bush and it decided to chat me up. F'reals... I'm walking along and hear "Hi, hello!" and it was this bird.

Chilling on a hammock with the waves breaking five feet from me in front of my hotel.

Drinking on a hammock at night with Mandie and new buddy Ryder from DC.

Crazy food!

Climbing Palm trees, that are much easier to get up than down..

And a monkey that reared up and bared it's fangs at me when I yelled at it for trying to steal my shoe! Nasty little buggars - not what I had hoped they'd be like AT ALL. Grr.

2- NY Gay Football
The season rages on. We're actually coming up to the end of it all know. To be honest, I've had a hard time staying interested. My team is great and all, but I'm getting bored. I pretty much only rush and block. There are five folks on my team that have been doing it a while and they keep most of the meaty stuff to themselves. And it's not that I'm dying to be more involved, but it's hard to stay committed when I'm getting bored.

On the flip-side: my boys from football are doing phenom. Toddy is looking at the possibility of becoming bi-residential, and splitting his time between here and Boston. It would be an awesome contract for him (though I'd miss his ass-face if he were gone Monday thru Friday...) Matty is doing well, and managed to turn seeing a scary movie into a night full of laughter and pseudo-inappropriateness. Ben hooked me up with a great volunteer opp that introduced me (and BFF) to a few great guys - one in particular that BFF got to know particularly well (tee hee...)

3- Mandy had a birthday!
Which was a lot of fun! My nephew was super-excited for her bday and was all about giving her tons of birthday love... and helping her open her presents. And I gotta say - she totally made out this year! Bro-in-law is treating her to brunch and a bway show in two weekends, gave her some gorgeous jewelry, and some sweet kitchenware; I'm taking her on a nyc culinary tour and got her a beautiful kitchen art piece from Costa Rica... I can't remember what else she got.. but it was all really nice!

4- BFF threw a bunk party that ended up turning into a totally awesome night!

For the record, it wasn't bunk by any fault of his. He won a bar party at a place called "Porky's" (everyone pretty much wins... its a promotional thing) so he invited a bunch of people out. It started out fun, but the C U Next Tuesday behind the bar ended up calling one of the guys in our group an F-ing Homo, so we bailed. I know - shocking, right?! We live in NYC... aren't things like that not supposed to happen here?

Apparently in places that thrive on business from the trash that floods the bridges and tunnels into Manhattan from places like Jersey... yes, yes it does.

Anyway, after an impromptu "walk off" Tyra Banks style, we ended up hitting up a karaoke bar at Union Square and the night was a blast!

BFF introduced me... and I'm a little bit in love...

Ok, so I stole away, and that's all I've got time for.

Hope all is well in the world!