Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Things

I'm bored, so I thought I'd post 10 random facts about myself that I wouldn't otherwise share with everyone. If you're as bored as I am, feel free to read and kill some of that slowly dragging day you're living.

1) I fall asleep on my left side, but wake up on my right side. I never fall asleep or wake up on my back nor my stomach.

2) I'm a sucker for guys with dark eyes and dimples. Add in some scruff and an accent -- I'm yours.

3) I work for a woman who delights in my homosexuality. I say this because anytime a new show opens on Broadway or she hears some bit of pop-trivia she is quick to reference it. It's like she's always trying to be what she thinks I think is "hip".

4) I do not believe in "hip". I am not in high school anymore. There's no longer a "popular group". People who think/act like this drive me insane.

5) I can speak Spanish. Well, sort of. I can have simple conversations in Spanish with my co-workers, and I can understand their phone conversations when they switch languages for "privacy".

6) I like to eavesdrop.

7) I'm not a starstruck person. In fact, I feel like I'm pretty oblivious to the concept of "celebrity". I've always thought it best to just leave people alone and not run up to them on the street or ask them for a photo. Yes, I have made exceptions to this rule, but only for people that have really affected my life. So, Rachel Ray -- sorry for following you to the bathroom at that movie premiere. If you had been pretty much any other tv personality I would've left you alone.

8) I like to put cucumbers in my water. I love the taste and it makes me feel like I'm at a spa.

9) I would love to have a dog. I would also love to not have any of the responsibility that comes with having a dog.

10) I would love to own and operate a seaside B&B, where my job duties entailed cooking for guests, organizing activity packages, and throwing amazing dinner/cocktail parties for all of my fabulous friends that would come and stay. And on my days off, I would read, surf, and dive for crabs/clams etc to cook for aforementioned parties.

Ok, there you have it. 10 things you might not have known about me.

Here's an idea -- why don't you leave 10 things about you in the comments? Consider it your good deed for the day, as reading those will help me kill more of these seemingly endless hours of work.

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Q said...

oh, killing time is my favorite past time!! and reading friends' blogs is a close second.

1) recently discovered I'm a very good cyber stalker. I'm a little embarrassed but whatever, it fills the time.

2) I have a backwards tooth. My dentist and I have no idea how this occurred and it doesn't affect anything, so it'll stay that way.

3) People seem to think I live this crazy, vodka soaked, mile a minute's only half true, there's just vodka.

4) I need to sleep with some kind of elevation - a knee, a foot, an arm, whatever.

5) I'm a horrible sleeping partner - i kick, i move, i sprawl, cuddle then want to move away - I feel sorry for my future husband.

6) Though I love going off on people (who deserve it) - it actually makes me highly anxious & uncomfortable and afterwards I usually need alone time to calm down.

7) My need to be inappropriate (swearing, sexual innuendo, etc.) usually grows when there are people there who I know will feel uncomfortable.

8) I've always been the friend who goes over to others houses, and have been "adopted" by various friends' families. I usually call friends' mothers "Mom" but usually call the father by his first name.

9) I LOVE men with dark hair & light eyes. I call it my "Superman" complex (as it's a desticitive feature of the character and most the actors who have portrayed him)

10) would really like to venture into more cooking but am too lazy to really be effective.